“No Cold calling!” Areas. What to do?

More and more “no cold calling” areas appear all over the place here in the UK (and I assume other places are no different) making the obtaining of jobs, the “calling” (or manging, as the Sinti in Germany call it) a difficult undertaking but...

In the age of the personal computer, be this desktop or laptop/notebook and so-called desktop publishing (DTP) and mobile phones the fact of “No Cold Calling” areas does not need to stop and/or deter us from pursuing our business, say, as knife grinder. This may be different for those of us that actually wish to sell goods, such as pegs, wooden flowers, and such. But, maybe, it is time to sell those latter crafts via a different channel and outlet.

No one stops anyone, generally, from leafleting an area so, instead of knocking at doors, that is to say “cold calling”, all that is needed is a flyer or small brochure put thru the door, or even just a business card. Those too can be produced cheaply by means of desktop publishing. Should the recipient of such a flyer or brochure then be interested in the service(s) offered, then, hopefully, he/she will call and, as it is then “by arrangement” the business transaction is not one of “cold calling” and therefore no law has been breached and also no hawker's license is required.

As a final word I would like to say one important thing and that is that, in order to be able to continue plying our trade of whatever kind we must be honest in our dealings. Yes, honest even, if some would say, with the Gohja. We must remember that they ARE our customers and without their custom we could not follow our trades. Quality work given will result in more calls with the people calling you, the tradesman and no need for “cold calling” which may be illegal somewhere. Shamming does not make for great customer relations when people find out that has been done. Many of us, I am sure, know the tales of the churimengro who fakes just because a pair of garden shears that he has been given to sharpen by the owner is still sharp by using a bit of emery cloth to just make the edge (and blade shiny) as if it had been sharpened. No pair of shears is that sharp that a few strokes, done correctly, with a fine mill bastard file could not improve upon it. So, remember, “don't sham” and people will call you instead of you having to go out and find work.

© M Veshengro Smith, December 2006

N.B. The International Gypsy Union is prepared to advise and assist any Romani-Gypsy who would like to have such flyers and brochures designed and printed for his or her business. Please contact us via the website at http://gypsyunion.tripod.com.

Please note that you can also advertise your business on the blogs and websites and in the newsletters and magazines produced by us. Please contact the editor via the email link provided.

Surveillance State UK

by M V Smith

The citizens of the United Kingdom, the always supposed mother of democracy and freedom – well, the people of America in the 1760's would think differently for sure and because they thought differently they had a revolution – are, it is said, the western world's most observed people. Government surveillance cameras are all over the place and there is something like one camera for every 14 people or something like that and each one of us, so it is said, is being observed by cameras several hundred times during the day.

Now the police demand that the government go further still and that CCTV cameras be all fitted with sensitive microphones so that they can record conversations in open spaces between “possible terrorist suspects”. Oh, sure, it is all in order to fight terrorism. What terrorism? The concocted terrorism? The fake terror that we are being presented with?

“But”, say the sheeple, “those cameras make us feel safer because the police monitors them and can be on site immediately when something happens”. Yeah, right, like in one town not far from where I live where even microphones are already on some cameras in the city center a market stall was broken into right next, well nearly, one of those cameras, with a racket made by the burglars smashing their way into the said market stall. Did the police come out? No, obviously not and did anyone see anything on the camera? While the operator heard the noise he kept the camera trained into an alleyway observing, as it appeared, a homeless man siting there drinking.

What it is all about it so that they can completely control the British people and I am convinced that the UK is being used by the Powers That Be as a stalking horse to see how those things will work in the real world before they will be, no doubt, be, to begin with, introduced throughout the European Union countries.

Talk also is about of them wanting to have CCTV cameras at all official Gypsy Caravan Sites in order to make it safer for the residents and so they can keep an eye on any racists wanting to attack the sites. Right! Sure! It is all for the best of the people. The microphones on such cameras as well, I guess. And why is it, so it can be seen from drawings, that such cameras, same as the points of the fences that are being built around the sites, pointing to the inside and not to the outside? Attacks on the sites would come from the outside and not the inside.

In addition to that now motorcars shall be fitted with a kind of “black box” that will be used for charging drivers by the mile and according which roads they drive and where and when. This also will mean that, if you use the motorcar, the govt will know at any time day or night where you or your vehicle is at any given time.

The more I personally see of this the more I am being reminded of George Orwell's book “1984” and also of the TV series from the 1960's “The Prisoner” and other similar sci-fi (well, they were then but no longer) films and TV programs. Who could have thought then that this could once all become reality and that in fact the government would inflict that on all citizens (or better “subjects of Her Majesty”, as it still really is in the UK) who have not committed any crimes whatsoever. It would appear that everyone; man woman or child, is being regarded by the PTB as a criminal until proven otherwise and then the surveillance still will continue – just to make sure. Welcome to the Fourth Reich. In fact Hitler and Stalin are nothing in surveillance compared with the so-called free and democratic governments such as the UK and others.

Wake up, people, wake up!

© M V Smith & O NEVO DROM

Dangerous Dreamers

All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible”, writes T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) in the Introductory Chapter of his book “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”.

And how right he is.

Those of us who dream our dream during the day with open eyes are indeed dangerous in the eyes of those in power for our dreams often are the dreams of freedom for our People.

Let us therefore dream our dreams by day and act upon them and ignore the dreams of the night.

© M V Smith, November 2006

European Roma and Traveller Forum - The Government of all Gypsy People?

London, November 20, 2006
by M Veshengro Smith

On Sunday November 19, 2006 on Rokker Radio, with Jake Bowers, Cliff Cordona, the British representative(?) to the ERTF, stated that “the Gypsy People (of the world) now have our own proper government (in the European Roma & Traveller Forum)”. We do? Honest? Is that really the case? I would like to ask who elected them?
Who, of the grassroots of the Romani People cast the votes for any those members on that forum and for the president, Mr. Rudko Kawczynski. I am also sure that I am not the only one who would like to ask that very question.

The truth is that none of the grassroots Roma, Sinti and Cale in Europe have cast their votes for any of them and the majority of them have never even as much heard of the likes of Rudko Kawczynski, Miranda Volusranta, etc. and the ERTF.

However, it would be the likes of those people who play at parliaments and even Gypsy world government are the very same who, with others, would and indeed do accuse the International Gypsy Union as being an undemocratic organization because of the fact that the International Gypsy Union's presidium, the Trishul, who are three founder members that are the executive for life.
The IGU, however, does not claim to represent the Gypsies of the World. All the IGU does is represent its members, even though at the same time the IGU fights for the whole of the Romani People, even though they may not indeed all be members or the organization.

How can any organization, however, make the claim to be the GOVERNMENT OF ALL GYPSY PEOPLE especially as there have been no elections to any kind of GYPSY WORLD GOVERNMENT? Either I have missed something with regards to this worldwide election of a Government of ALL Gypsy People or those people are NOT a government of the Gypsy People... dosta!

Think on.. and think well...

© M Veshengro Smith/IGU, November 2006

Making Gypsies into Soap

This is apparently a quote by the Bulgarian presidential candidate Volen Siderov of the Ataka party and if the polls are to be believed this right-wing Nazi has the Bulgarian people, in the main, behind him. Other slogans by this Nazi politician include “Bulgaria for Bulgarians” and “Stop the Gypsy Terror!”. Do those slogans sound familiar? Indeed they do and they are straight out of the book of Messrs Hitler and Himmler.

If this is anything to go by then one can only advise the Romani in Bulgaria to flee to the “free” European Union countries once Bulgaria becomes part of the E.U., as it is due to do at the beginning of 2007. However, to all intents and purposes, according to all the good rules of the E.U. that country should not ever be accepted into the family of “free” European nations; at least not until such a day that no longer there is such blatant discrimination of Gypsy People in that country and also no notion of any kind of genocide again the Romani People. This cannot be allowed to be in Europe of the 21st century. However, it does appear to be rather obvious, yet again, that to the European Union and its politicians, despite all their rhetoric, the Romani-Gypsy mean nothing and are really less than animals, for were we regarded as animals there would be better laws for our protection than there are for us now.

While the current Minister of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria want to sterilize Romani women to limit the birth rate amongst the Gypsy People of Bulgaria, which is nothing but genocide by the back door, presidential candidate Volen Siderov is going to the whole hog and advocated the rendering down of the Romani People into soap.

And where, I ask, is the outcry of the free democratic Europe and world? Nowhere! All is quiet. Surprise – NOT! As I said already, despite all of the European Union's rhetoric about human rights and all that jazz, and all the overtures towards the Romani leaders, Gypsies are seen as less valuable than cattle and other farm animals to those politicians in Brussels.

© M V Smith, October 2006


October 2006

This ‘Open’ Letter is sent initially and directly to the Executive Secretary at the Secretariat of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI), but is intended to be considered, heeded and acted upon by all persons of Power & Influence throughout Europe.

Did they mean it when they said: “NEVER AGAIN!”?


Despite the horrific memories and the stench of death that still linger over post-Hitler Europe, even after the passing of so many years, like a cloud drawn from a scene of Dante's "INFERNO", and notwithstanding the hypocritical calls demanding a "Change to a more just, equal and tolerant society.", within Europe and the world at large, set formally within the United Nations Charter and reiterated, and elaborated, by subsequent Conventions and agreements, pen racism and direct hostility toward some ethnic minority groups are still tolerated and even ‘openly fostered’ by most European countries that are Member States, (or about to become members), of the European Union?

As a principle officer, serving as Media-rep. for both the INTERNATIONAL GYPSY UNION, and the INTERNATIONAL ROMANI GUILD, I beg, (A claim that all Gypsy are, supposedly guilty of?), to direct your attention toward the ongoing maltreatment of the Romani minority throughout Europe.

Let none among you, particularly the influential politicians and leaders of E.U. Member States dare to claim; "But we, in my country, do not treat the "Gypsy", the Romani People, unfairly or with any racial antagonism!"... Should you dare make such claim, then I can only respond by saying..... "You lie!".

I/we, as Gypsy, find it most peculiar that, whilst an important, and fundamental, requirement for any country aspiring to membership, or already sharing membership status, of the European Union is the encouragement and enforcement of equality and justice to all citizens, regardless of their race or ethnicity, the Romani (Gypsy) appear to have been made an exception to this requirement?

I'll not attempt to fill page after page with case-notes and citations that affirm the guilt of each and every European Union Member-state. You know who they are and what they've done, yet the E.U. as a collective group, have done little or nothing, (Other than to waffle on with a load of hypocritical conferences, seminars, etc?), to put right this unholy injustice toward the "Gypsy".

The obvious cases; Greece, Italy, Spain, the UK with their "Gypsy Clearance" projects in preparation for the Olympic Games, without due and proper re-location of the Romani affected, are many and well publicised, (Although little heeded?), whilst the coerced, (Illegal), sterilization of Romani females in countries such as Hungary, the Czech Republic, etc. are also well-documented, (Yet little remarked?).

Any Romani, be they Roma or Sinti in countries such as Germany, France, Austria, the UK, etc. can show instance of the blatant breach of their human rights?

Member states, "under consideration" (?), for EU Membership. such as Bulgaria, are, quite openly, falling far short of the requirements for E. U. membership, certainly so far as their attitudes and policies toward the Romani are concerned... this is clearly instanced in the recent call for a change in the law, by the Bulgarian Health Minister, Radoslav Gaydarski, which would severely limit the birth rate among the Romani population of Bulgaria, tantamount to genocide. The Minister even went so far as to call for a meeting between Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, intended to address the issue of the high, (proportionally), Romani birth rate, along with the neo-natal situation that leads to Bulgaria having about the highest infant-mortality rate in the whole of Europe. A major concern appearing to be the fear, among ethnic Bulgarians, that the Rom will eventually form the largest ethnic group in that country?

I have insufficient time, ink or paper, to list the instances of arson attacks and other physical assaults, (even torture and murder), made against the Gypsy, the Romani, throughout the various countries that form the European Union. One related fact is clear and beyond dispute; Nazism and neo-fascism are accelerating so as to become firmly established (Yet again), in Germany, Austria and throughout much of Europe?

The call has often been made: "Never Again!", in reference to any repeat of the Unholy Slaughter, of Romani, along with Jews and others...

On behalf of us all; I would make the plea to you and others of influence:

Please! Give that call substance?

In the words of a fellow Rom, MEP for Barcelona;

"May you enjoy the dreams you deserve!"

Tom Odley (Romanichal)
Media Officer, for the International Gypsy Union & the International Romani Gui

The International Gypsy Union is a non-profit organization aiming to represent the voices and the views of individual and groups of Romany (Gypsy), in Europe and throughout the world. Unlike other, so-called, “Romani-representative organizations”, the I.G.U. does not accept funds from Gohja (Non-Rom) bodies or from any government; therefore we are able to avoid detrimental influences from non-Romani sources. We welcome input from individual Gypsy and Romani groups that are unfettered by Gohja control. Our overriding aim is to have, for them, a world-wide society wherein they, The Romani Chave, may live in reasonable peace and enjoy fair and equal treatment, free from the racism and hatred presently offered to them and which has, for so many hundreds of years, been the lot of the Romani Fohki.

International Gypsy Union….

Two-tier ethnic protection laws

So at least it would appear from where I am standing as a Gypsy, a Romani.

by M Veshengro Smith

Whenever a Jewish grave or a Muslim grave is attacked or the premises of Jews or Muslims this is immediately investigated and prosecuted as a “racially-motivated attack/crime” but when Gypsy graves are being sought out and destroyed then the powers that be decide that it probably will not be a racially-motivated attack but some yobs who just went to destroy graves, even if only the Gypsy grave or graves are targeted and graves to the left and right of Gohja remain untouched, or it investigated with view of someone having had a grievance towards the family the grave of whose loved one has been attacked. To me this is double standards, but it would appear that that is exactly what is being done in the UK and other EU member states. The official recognition of Romani-Gypsies in the UK as an ethnic group is not worth the very paper it is written upon. Local authorities already go around interpreting the law as it suits them and changing ethnicity to lifestyle whereby any Gypsy who happens to have settled down, whether in house or on an official or private caravan site, is no longer regarded as ethnic Gypsy and only those that still travel are – and in that case all those Irish Trailer Trash that travel and the New Agers* and the like. When we then consider that, theoretically, traveling with trailer and stationing trailer anywhere as we used to do is now against the law (and one can go to jail for that theoretically and lose one's trailer and even one's children into care) the traveling Gypsy will soon also be a thing of the past in the UK (and elsewhere) and, voila, no more ethnic Gypsies and therefore no more protection needed. Ethnic cleansing in a new way. But I, yet again, digressed.

As to the law, however, there is definitely a two-tier system in place. It could already be seen well enough a couple of years back with the now notorious “Firle Bonfire” incident that just could not be prosecuted as a race-hate crime because it actually said “Pikeys” on the float. Now, with the grave(s) the police (and other authorities) refuse to see it and handle it as a “racially-motivated attack”. They would not hesitate one nanosecond to investigate and prosecute would the grave be that of a Black person, an Asian, a Jew, or a Muslim. But it seems, yet again, that when it concerns the dirty Gyppos they still have the same attitude; it must be someone with a grudge or such, but cannot possibly be seen as a “racially-motivated attack”. It still goes to prove, again, that British justice (now there is a joke) is still the best that money can buy.

Now it would appear that, because dogs are considered 'unclean' in Islam search dogs will no longer be used by Police when mosques (or Muslim homes) are being searched for guns or explosives. Amazingly, however, despite the fact that dogs are also seen as mokadi (unclean) in the Romani-Gypsy Culture when requested Police nevertheless insists that they take dogs into houses and/or caravans of Romani People as aid in searching. I have put a poster up at my door here at home informing everyone that this is a Romani Household and would they please not introduce dogs or cats into this house to which, as I mentioned it to them, high-ranking police officers have told me that that would not make one iota of a difference to them should they want to conduct a search of my home with dogs. Again one law for some and another law for the Gyppo. Surprise – NOT!

Even though I do not like the fact but I can understand why many Romanichals, many Nidis, in the UK, in the issue of Muslims and especially the radical/radicalized ones very much side with the Nazi groupings such as the BNP, for example. While this is, in my view, entirely the wrong approach and the Nazis will fall upon us in the same way after the have finished with the Muslims, rest assured of that, I can, as I said, understand why our Fohki do that.

It is amazing that the political will is there to make concessions to the Muslims because the regard dogs as 'unclean' the same concessions just cannot, it would appear, be made to the ethnic group that has been in the British Isles for much longer than those Muslims and also regards dogs as 'unclean' and therefore not to be introduced into a home, namely that of the Romani-Gypsy.

Dosta penauas!

© Veshengro, October 2006

Bulgaria considers legalized genocide on Gypsies

by M Veshengro Smith

Bulgaria's Health Ministry is considering a law aimed to curb the high birth rate among minority groups, particularly the Gypsy People.

Minister Radoslav Gaydarski told journalists that if the birth rate among the Roma Gypsies is not limited, the mortality rate in Bulgaria will remain among the highest in Europe, as many of these children do not survive until adult.

The statement of the Health Minister is utter baloney. While it is true that child mortality amongst Romani children in Bulgaria (and not only in Bulgaria but even in Western nations) is higher than the national average this has nothing whatsoever to do with the number of children but everything with atrocious living conditions for the Gypsy People, especially in countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, but it is not much better even in the West, are forced to live in. An improvement of such conditions and the child mortality would soon drop.
The truth of the matter, however, is that Bulgaria is worried that the Roma will in the next couple of years outnumber the “ethnic” Bulgarian non-Romani and it is for that reason the intended legal genocide of our People that is being considered.

Despite the fact that Bulgaria is due to join the family of European nations known as the European Union by the beginning of 2007 and such very ideas as legal genocide of an ethnic group should prevent such accession to be possible no one in the EU seems to even acknowledge this happening. Rather conveniently, we can only say, for the reason to push for those nations, e.g. Bulgaria, Romania, etc. to join the EU in such a rush is in order to open the labor market there so that western European countries can relocate their business into those countries and then make even more profit.

That all the world is silent yet again does not surprise me as a Gypsy. This is nor the first time that the world stands by and lets it happen, especially to Gypsies. We are, in their eyes, still nothing better than “dirty Gyppos”, despite the fact that many well known artists, entertainers, musicians, engineers, and even politicians are of Romani descent.

The International Gypsy Union and the International Romani Guild are currently preparing a protest letter to the Bulgarian government which will be copied to the EU, the UN and other bodies in the hope that maybe, just maybe, someone actually will do something about it. Also planned is a campaign of email protests by individuals and the text for that is also in preparation as of this moment.

We must stop this blatant attempt of destroying the Romani People by limiting their number of offspring while, at the same time, certain parties in Bulgaria are encouraging the “ethnic” Bulgarians to produce more children. We have seen all this some 65 or so years ago. The world still has learned nothing.

But it is time we, the Romani People, stood up and be counted and let those people know that they can no longer get away with such barbaric acts.

© Veshengro, October 2006

Pandering to the Radical Muslims

A Recipe for Disaster

by M Veshengro Smith

Country after country seems to be caving in and is pandering to the whims of the radical Muslims in case they might get upset by this, that or the other, like recently when the “Deutsche Oper” opera house in Berlin pulled all performances that were planned for the Mozart opera “Idomeneo”, which contains a scene that depicts the severed head of the Prophet Muhammad, from its autumn schedule because of security fears.

It is therefore, I am afraid, no wonder that the various Nazi groupings and parties are gaining ground in Germany, and soon elsewhere, of that we can be certain.

No country, so it would appear, of the so-called free West seems to be willing to stand up to the demands, intimidations and threats of such radicalized Muslim fanatics and extremists who also often call for Islamic Law to apply in the countries where Muslims live, including the UK, and others, and basically declare areas in cities where Muslims happen to, maybe, be the majority to “Muslim areas” bar one, and that is Australia. The Australian Prime Minister John Howard (Liberal Party) did not mince his words when he told Muslims in Australia that Australia was a predominately Christian country with tolerance for other religions and that the Muslims have the choice to live in Australia under Australian law or, if they wish to live under Islamic law then they were free to leave the country. He also added, so it is understood that, should any radical Muslims wish to see it differently they would be stripped of the Australian citizenship where appropriate and sent back to their Muslim country of origin. Good on you, mate! That way any kind of Nazis are stopped in their tracks because the home government is prepared to act, as it should do.

It is a real shame that other countries and their governments do not have the same open approach and firm stand against such elements. Britain and Germany, for example, do not have the backbone to do the same. Both, however, very quickly put the Gypsy in his place with “we cannot have special dispensation to them people” that is to say, our People, the Gypsy, when it comes to some relaxation to the planning laws (as this refers generally only to planning laws) with respect to retrospective planning applications for our own sites and settlements, or for planning applications and granting same even when it is done the correct way, e.g. before moving onto a piece of land, as “we cannot have one law for them Gyppos and one for the rest of the population”. But, apparently, when it comes to blackmail by Muslim radicals and hate-mongering clerics then that is an altogether different story. Each and every time those people say they are offended the freedom of the rest of the population is curtailed. However, no one acts when Gypsies are racially abused, their gravestones smashed and graves vandalized, etc. May o Del help those countries that thus surrender their freedoms to such blackmail.

© Veshengro, September 2006

Nazis return into German parliaments

It is rather worrying to see how in Germany the Nazis are slowly coming back into power realm of local and regional governments, including the governments of the federal states. After the “Republicans” entered the Landtag in Baden-Würtenberg with 11%, the Deutsche Volksunion (German People's Union) with 8% the Landtag in Thüringen, the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), the successor organization of the NSDAP, with 6% into the Landtag of Saxony, now the NPD became a party of the Landtag of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with 7%. (5% being the threshold with which parties can enter the parliaments).

While some may say that this is only a very small percentage and therefore only a small percentage of seats those parties will have in the respective parliaments we must remember that this now means that the Nazis are represented, yet again, in four of the German federal states (and this, by all accounts, might just be a beginning – unfortunately) and thereby have some influence on German policies. It also has to be remembered that the National-Socialist Workers' Party of Germany, the NSDAP, the Party of Adolf Hitler, also had only a small number of seats and nevertheless managed to take over the country in the end. This is a worrying trend indeed and one that we, the Romani-Gypsy People must watch with great caution. For many years, in fact for decades, I have been predicting that nothing ever had changed in Germany and that the Nazis and Fascists had only become silent as it was not acceptable policy but that they were still pulling strings behind the scenes and I am sure that they have and still do. Then came the fall of the Wall and when the attitudes of the East Germans came to the surface against foreigners and also and especially against Sinti and Roma it became self evident that even under the Communist rule fascism had never been eradicated from the German soul and mind. Now I hear from places such as Erfurt that Sinti who are looking for housing are refused by many social housing providers openly on account of being Sinti and even the local municipality appears to be telling them that while they have a duty to provide housing for them they do not really want to have Sinti (and Roma) as tenants.

Racist attacks by skinheads against German Gypsies and Gypsies from France visiting, firebombing of encampments and flats, are being nigh on ignored by the police and racist statements by high ranking police officers are being ignored by the law. Gypsy businessmen booking into hotels being initially told that rooms are available and their bookings are taken over the phone when they arrive are being told “sorry, we are full. There was a double booking” or some are even told “sorry, we have nothing for you because you are on the computer as being a Gypsy” and no redress can be found, it would appear. This is Germany not of the 1930's and 1940's but Germany of the 21st century. Nothing has ever changed as to the education policy as far as Gypsies are concerned. The majority of Gypsy children are, after having their induction to school, are sent after a short while during which they are being “assessed” to so-called “Hilfsschule” (at least that's how such a school was called years ago) or as they also used to be called “schools for the educational subnormal”. Some are sent there already after a couple of days in “ordinary” school. This has been more or less official policy ever since the Third Reich. Those that have made it in the world like, for instance, CID Chief Inspector Günther Weiss from Kehl/Rhein, are the exception to the rule. We can only assume that things will get worse rather than better with Nazis back in the parliaments of those federal states.

Police action in recent months against Gypsy encampments in Germany also must be taken into consideration here, such as the case of the Gypsy Mission “Life & Light” in Düsseldorf, Northrhine-Westphalia, where so-called Order Police was deployed to remove them, then we really have to worry about the state of Germany and also, with it, of what may happen to the Gypsy People throughout Europe, considering that Germany is, supposedly, one of the leading lights (and if that is the case then it is rather dark) of the EU.

I think that it can only be said from what we are seeing that nothing has ever changed in Germany, whether in the West, which was claimed to be a bastion of democracy, nor in the East, in the Socialist Worker and Farmer State, the then German Democratic Republic. It would appear that there is something rather faulty with the German psyche and soul and racism and fascism have only been plastered over to the outside world for a while. Now the true face of Germany is showing itself once again, at least as far as the Gypsy are concerned.

© M V Smith, September 18, 2006

Big Brother Society & The Gypsy

Why we, the Gypsy, should be concerned

More and more, especially in the UK, we can see that George Orwell’s nightmare that he described in his novel “1984” is fast becoming reality, especially in the UK, though just about two decades later than he predicted and envisaged. We, the Gypsy People, must be especially aware of this. Many of our cities and larger towns are full of cameras to near saturation point and some rural towns too are beginning to have cameras all over the place. Britain is soon becoming the country with the highest number of surveillance cameras per capita and the British people the most watched and monitored people on the planet. This country once was – so it is claimed – the pinnacle of liberty with the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights (not that either of them were ever really meant for the common people and the villains) but it is fast becoming a police and surveillance state par excellence.

The latest offering now are cameras with loudspeakers thru which the controller somewhere will yell at anyone dropping litter or such.

Big Brother is now not only watching you – now he is barking orders at you too. Britain's first 'talking' CCTV cameras have arrived, publicly berating bad behavior and shaming offenders into acting more responsibly.

The system allows control room operators who spot any anti-social acts – from dropping litter to late-night brawls – to send out a verbal warning: 'We are watching you'.

Middlesbrough has fitted loudspeakers on seven of its 158 cameras in an experiment already being hailed as a success. Jack Bonner, who manages the system, said: 'It is one hell of a deterrent. It's one thing to know that there are CCTV cameras about, but it's quite another when they loudly point out what you have just done wrong.
The Mail on Sunday reports to have watched as a cyclist riding through a pedestrian area was ordered to stop.

'Would the young man on the bike please get off and walk as he is riding in a pedestrian area,' came the command.

The surprised youth stopped, and looked about. A look of horror spread across his face as he realised the voice was referring to him.

He dismounted and wheeled his bike through the crowded streets, as instructed.
Law-abiding shopper Karen Margery, 40, was shocked to hear the speakers spring into action as she walked past them.

Afterwards she said: 'It's quite scary to realise that your every move could be monitored - it really is like Big Brother.

Well, whatever next? Give your child a telling off in public and they will yell at you and the CPS will arrive on scene within second? It would not surprise me one iota.

This is something that we, the Romani-Gypsy, also must beware of for it also would not surprise me should suddenly CCTV cameras, the small covert ones that are now already mounted on traffic lights and many lampposts, arrive around the official Gypsy Caravan Sites; more than likely with the excuse to make it more secure and protect the residents. Well, maybe someone could do something about the squadron of pigs that keep hovering above my house.

© M V Smith, September 19, 2006

Attack on Romani grave

Cambridgeshire, England

The headstone of a grave of a Romani-Gypsy was smashed and the grave disturbed by what appears to be a racial attack in Cambridgeshire, England in the last couple of days. It would appear that in the UK Romani graves are now being targeted in the same way as used to be and still are those of Jews.

The proof for a racially-motivated attack on the grave of the late James Willett, who died two-and-a-half years ago aged 29 following a battle with cancer, as none of the other graves either side of his were touched. Could this be a sign of things to come? Hopefully not but it sure could be.

What we must monitor now is how the authorities deal with this matter now and whether it will actually be listed as a possible racially-motivated attack.

© M V Smith, September 19, 2006

Clean Up the World This Weekend

What do the Nile River, Copacabana Beach and Sydney Harbor have in common? All three are targeted for clean up this weekend, along with hundreds of other sites worldwide, when 35 million volunteers from 122 countries will take part in this year’s Clean Up the World Weekend—celebrated
globally September 15-17—which is part of the ongoing Clean Up the World campaign.

The campaign, held in conjunction with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), has grown steadily since it first began in 1993. Activities range from cleaning up small villages to overhauling entire countries. Many communities also implement recycling and educational programs, or initiate water and energy conservation projects.

Since the start of the campaign, Clean Up the World members worldwide have collected an estimated 3,574,991 tons of trash—enough to fill 5,710 Olympic-size swimming pools. Plastic, glass, metal and cigarette butts are among the most commonly found items every year.

“From the world’s iconic sites to the sites of significance to remote local communities, Clean Up the World campaign brings people together in a meaningful activity that changes their lives and environment for the better,” said campaign Chairman and Founder Ian Kiernan, Recipient of the Order of Australia, in a press release.

How It All Began

The Clean Up the World campaign started in 1989 when Kiernan, an Australian solo-yachtsman and builder was appalled by the amount of garbage he came across while sailing. He organized a clean up of the Sydney Harbor, during which some 40,000 volunteers removed rusted car bodies, plastic, glass bottles and cigarette butts from the water.

The campaign went global in 1993, with Sydney becoming the headquarters for the Clean Up the World campaign. Today, the organization brings together hundreds of members from around the world, ranging from local community groups to national campaigns, that carry out environmental projects throughout the year. The Clean Up the World Weekend, held in September each year, has the highest participation of all of the organization’s activities.

“Clean Up the World mobilizes people around a powerful idea—taking the challenge of environment and sustainable development to our front doors, our backyards, and everywhere else around the globe,” said UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner in a press release. “It comes with another idea that UNEP strongly believes in: that what we consider waste and rubbish today could become a resource for tomorrow.”

A Global Effort

Clean Up the World is truly a global campaign. Of 624 Clean Up the World members in 2006, 207 come from Africa; 171 from Asia-Pacific; 82 from Europe; 138 from Latin America and the Caribbean; 11 from North America; and 16 from West Asia.

The countries with the highest participation in the Clean Up the World campaign this year are India, Nigeria, Argentina and Kenya. The countries participating in the Clean Up the World campaign for the first time in 2006 are Afghanistan, Albania, Guyana and Latvia.

The following are just a sample of Clean Up the World activities that are taking place this weekend:

· Volunteers from fourteen countries across the Mediterranean Sea will engage in a wide range of activities, from underwater clean ups to environmental parades, in a joint effort to promote greener living in the region.

· In Egypt, the Arab Office for Youth and the Environment is focusing on the Clean Up the Nile initiative with 17 cities participating. The campaign seeks to highlight the importance of the Nile River for agriculture and development in a region prone to desertification.

· School children, divers, snorkellers and community volunteers will be cleaning up the world-famous Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This clean up event is coordinated by Brazil’s popular TV show “Programa Na Praia” (“On the Beach”), which raises environmental awareness across the country.

· On the island of Newfoundland, off Canada’s Atlantic coast, Ocean Net volunteers will celebrate the 1000th marine clean up conducted since the group’s establishment in 1997 with underwater and beach clean ups at Topsail Beach.

· In the Chinese City of Shaoxing, situated in the Yangtze River delta, about 100 cycling enthusiasts will collect roadside rubbish during a bike ride on Clean Up the World weekend, targeting plastic bags and drink containers in particular.

· In Australia, where the Clean Up the World campaign started, volunteers will remove rubbish from the Sydney Harbor and Lane Cove National Park. Dozens more Australian volunteers will work with overseas communities as far as Ghana, the Philippines and the Kingdom of Tonga to help improve local environment and livelihoods, promoting this Australia-based campaign across the world.

“Many communities across the globe have faced uncertainty over the past year,” Kiernan said. “Clean Up the World is an opportunity to break down geographical and political barriers by working together to look after our shared environment. I encourage more groups to join us in creating greener cities and communities across the world.”

Schools can fingerprint children without parental consent

>Another reason to homeschool<

M V Smith, September 12, 2006

Now we have it. The state is going entirely mad. But this is something that I have predicted some time back when I told people that the truth is that the state regards your children, all children, as its property, and let me stress again the word PROPERTY, to do with as the state sees fit, with the parents just being permitted to care for the child/children. (More about that in a future article)

It now turns out that parents cannot prevent schools from taking their children's fingerprints, according to the Department for Education and Skills and the Information Commissioner.

But parents who have campaigned against school fingerprinting might still be able to bring individual complaints against schools under the Data Protection Act (DPA).

The Department for Education and Skills (DfES) has now admitted to the media that schools can fingerprint children without parents' permission. Worrying? I sure should think so.

According to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) "the Data Protection Act is about the pupil's rights, not the parents' rights over the children's information."

You might think that a child's fingerprint is one of the most personal pieces of information that can be stored in a database. But the type of information is irrelevant to the Act. Even a child's age is of little importance to the DPA, said Smith.

More important than consent even, the guidance will consider how a fingerprinting system has been applied: whether it is reasonable and proportionate. If a school wants to use children's fingerprints to control their use of its library books, anti-biometric parents might not have much room for protest within the law.

What do you do, David Smith, deputy Information Commissioner, asks, if a child refuses to have its fingerprint taken but a parent insists that it should?

The Data Protection Act is clear on this. The parent only has limited opportunity to control the consent of their child.

"Where the child isn't capable of giving consent then under the data protection act it should go to the parents," said Smith.

Schools might not even have to inform parents as long as the fingerprinting system doesn't offend the DPA and children have the capacity to decide for themselves, he said.

But who gets to say whether a particular child is capable of consenting to their biometrics being taken - whether a child understands the implications of what they are being asked to do, or whether the decision should be deferred to the parent?

"That's for the school to decide," said Smith.

All decisions, it would appear, are for the schools to make and that includes whether or not to inform the parents of the children and to ask for the consent of said parents. Have you woken up as yet dear reader, as to how the state thinks of you, the parent, in regards to your rights over your child?

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Council “invites” Gypsies back

UK, September 11, 2006

The Sun newspaper – well, some people think it is one others would dispute that – reported that a council in the UK was blasted for buying an illegal Gypsy site for £292,000 – spending £1.5 million on an upgrade, which the paper called “luxury upgrade” and then inviting the evicted “travelers” back (Shame the paper cannot work out whether it is Gypsies or Travellers). The Gypsies, so the Sun, now enjoy brick chalets, shower blocks and toilets at the cam in Bristol, and obviously the Sun is, yet again, trying to egg on its readership of mainly uneducated lower class white people in the UK, against Gypsies and Travellers by claiming that so much money is being spent on the Gypsy and Traveller community. Far more money is being wasted on pointless evictions actions again Gypsies and Travellers who have bought their own pieces of lands to make provision for themselves only to be turned down. This really, however, does show this stupidity once again. The Gypsies/Travellers who originally had the site in Bristol were evicted from an illegal camp and the council bought the land. I assume from the Gypsies/Travellers and then, amazingly, suddenly, it was possible to turn it into a Gypsy site (now they can charge rent and control who lives there and how), an official one. It is strange that permission could not be grated to the families who had the land before to stay there and live but the council themselves were able to give themselves planning consent for just a such a thing, a Gypsy site. This really is English law, yet again, at its best. It is that that the people should get concerned about and the wasted monies on evictions where it might not be necessary, especially in light of this where suddenly it was possible to have a Gypsy settlement there.
The questions that should be asked is – one - how come the Gypsies had to be evicted – and one can only assume at a high cost and – two – who then gained from the contract of refurbishing the once illegal camp and turning it into an official Gypsy caravan site in the Bristol area. It is hardly the “Gypsies” that can be blamed for this. It would have been cheaper, I am sure, had the people be permitted to stay on their land, on the “illegal” camp, and been given legal status and then they could have – and I am sure they would have – made their own improvements. Obviously, some friend of a councilor or a friend of a friend of a councilor was the beneficiary of the contract. What else could it be? Don’t blame the Gyppos for the failings and especially the sleeze and corruption
of the governments, local and central.

© M V Smith, 2006

Eugenics is Back! In the UK at least.

Details of the government’s plan to improve – oh what a laugh – the “life chances” of problem families are to be revealed.

In a speech, British Prime Minister Tony Blair will set out a scheme to intervene before children were even born to stop them turning into troublemakers later.

He is expected to give more details of the idea, which critics say sounds too much like “eugenics”.

Mr. Blair’s speech comes during a two-day regional tour which follows his summer visit to Balmoral.

His spokesman said: “If you look at the figures of what happens to children in care and their offending rate, that is quite shocking.

“What the prime minister will be setting out is a way in which we work with those who are socially excluded to try to improve their life chances. That’s the key.

“That’s why this isn’t just about trying to deal with the problem where relatively few numbers of individuals or families are causing disproportionate problems for society.

“It’s also about helping those individuals and families to improve their life chances.”

Last week Mr. Blair told BBC News there needed to be earlier intervention, “even pre-birth”, with children if “dysfunctional families” and teenage mums who were not in stable relationships.

"Foetal Asbo Fears"

There should be sanctions against parents who refused help, he said.

But he did not explain in details haw the plan would work.

The plans were branded “foetal Asbos” in the media and also came under fire from former Labor Cabinet minister Tony Benn.

“This one about identifying troublesome children in the foetus – this is eugenics, the sort of thing Hitler talked about,” he told BBC’s Five Live.

"No Stigma"

Children’s charity NCH said Mr. Blair must honor his promise to introduce lasting solutions to help the most excluded people.

The charity’s chief executive, Clare Tickell, said: “Early intervention will help families break the cycle of exclusion but it must be cone in a way that does not stigmatize.

“The government must realize that families need support to change, not to be punished because they are struggling.”

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, which is hosting Mr. Blair’s speech, called for a balanced approach.

It’s director, Lord Best, said: “The underlying cause of many of society’s problems can be traced back to child poverty[1] and, although government is making progress, there is still a long way to go to meet the prime minister’s pledge to end it by 2020.”

It would appear that the United Kingdom is being used – yet again – as a stalking horse for a new wave of “you are not fit to raise your children and have any more kids because you are of a particular ethnic group or strata of society”. We have seen this before and not so long ago Eugenics was still being used in the 1970’s against Jenisch in Switzerland and Romani in Sweden and is still being used to this very day in a number of EU countries.

I know that no one openly says that as yet but I think anyone bar the blindest person must be able to see the writing on the wall. We, the Gypsy People, have seen this before and even before the Third Reich and the racial hygiene laws and madness of the Nazis. Eugenics did not stop with the Nazis either and continued in Switzerland against Jenisch and Sinti & Roma also by a charity, the Pro Juventute organization who snatched, with government connivance and police assistance Gypsy children from the families and had them placed in mental institutions, children’s homes of the most horrible kind, and as slaves to farms. Sweden too has a bad record in this field and both of those countries would have been seen as a pillar of democracy and freedom. Freedom yes, unless you happen to be Gypsy. Then you were seen as inferior and unsuited to raise your own children and unsuited to have more children. Other countries who are now members of the European Union forcibly and coercively sterilized Romani women because they saw them as unsuited to have children and also they saw and still see, as the practice seems to continue in those countries nearly unabated, Gypsies having children as a problem for their society, as they see Gypsies as the source of most if not indeed all ills in their countries. Therefore they aim to exterminate the Romani People, though not by killing them in camps and such as Hitler’s Black Legions did but simply by sterilizing the women.

I am aware that the British “model” is aimed at all “problem” families and so-called “dysfunctional” families but I could bet that some of the first targets with be families of Gypsies and Travellers.

Welcome to 1984, the Orwellian nightmare, only Orwell’s timing was just a slight bit out and it took the powers that be a little longer to condition the people of Britain and of Europe to accept such ideas – again.

We, especially the Romani, must be ever vigilant and watch for the signs. Not that we have not known this before, as I already said.

© M V Smith, September 8, 2006

[1] There was much more poverty, including child poverty, in the olden days and still kids were not causing the trouble they cause today. Why not? Because kids has respect for elder people and had learned to behave… So to blame it on “child poverty” is a load of baloney. The problem is the do-gooders who have interfered with the proper raising of children and the disciplining of them.

United Nations guilty of Genocide in Kosovo

While this may appear to be rather a strong statement in regards the United Nations and its High Commission for Refugees I do not know how else one could describe what the UNHCR, and thereby the UN, is doing to the Roma, Egyptians and Ashkali, the Gypsies, of Kosovo.

Keeping them nigh on prisoners in the IDP camps, many of which are contaminated with lead to such a degree that anywhere else it would lead to immediate evacuation of an area, which is killing children and adults can only be regarded as genocide and nothing less. This would never be allowed to happen to any other ethnic group. The world would be up in arms and everyone would scream “blue murder”, and rightly so, but when it concerns Gypsies then the world remains as quiet as a mouse. The sin of omission is as bad as the sin of commission.

Doctors have told the UNHCR that the people must be evacuated from those contaminated areas but the UN completely ignores this and people see their children die from lead poisoning every day. Some have to literally flee from the camps. The UNHCR only consents that they would repatriate the Gypsies to their old living quarters, places where their homes were burned and bombed by ethnic Albanians and where, should they return, the Albanians would, once again, hunt them down and drive them out. But, as would be my guess, that is what the UN is there for in Kosovo, namely to enable the ethnic Albanians to ethnically cleanse Kosovo from Serbas and Gypsies and then make it possible for Kosovo, as a “country” with only ethnic Albanian Muslims to join Albania to create the dream of those Albanian bigots driving out all others groups, namely that of a “Greater Albania”. It is well known by now and admitted by even high-ranking officers of the “protection forces” that the claimed ethnic cleansing of Albanians by the Serbs in Kocovo never happened and in fact the shoe was on the other foot. That is to say that the cleansing was being perpetrated by the Albanians against Serbs and Gypsies and the Serbs only tried to defend themselves. And the UNHCR, knowing full well the danger the Kosovar Gypsies will face if returned to their old quarters is intend either to keep them in the IDP camps with the lead poisoning of such epidemic proportions that it will kill, or damage everyone living there for life, or return them to their old living areas that are being claimed by ethnic Albanians, despite the fact that other options, as far as has been told, are available. This can therefore only be perceived as a deliberate act of genocide against the Gypsy People of Kosovo.

While all this is going on and no one can claim that this is not known with report after report having come out of Kosovo about the situations in those IDP camps for the Gypsies the world remains silent. Why? One can only assume because the major world body, namely the UN, is perpetrating those atrocities.

© M V Smith, September 8, 2006

Coercive Sterilization of Gypsy Women

We have known for a long time that this was official government policy before their accession to the EU, and still to this day, of both, it would appear, the Czech Republic and also of Slovakia. What we did not seem to be aware of it the fact that the same policies seem to have been operating in Hungary for years and years, according to UN findings. We can now only wonder where else this is official policy, though hidden and denied?

Maybe it is high time that the Romani women all over the place spoke out as to what has been done to them in maternity hospitals and such. I know that such stuff is generally taboo in our Culture and, maybe for that reason, little is known about it, because the women have not been prepared to speak out. We and they must be silent no more than make known how, where and when such atrocities have happened as that is genocide by the back door and must be stopped. But, as usual, the world stays silent. Why is that? Because the People concerned are only Gypsies; dirty Gyppos in their eyes. Had that been happening to Jewish women, Muslim women in Kosovo, Native American women, etc. there would be an outcry and the world would be calling it openly genocide, but as it is only Cigany, Gypsies, it does not seem to matter.

© MVSmith, September 1, 2006

INTERVIEW with M V Smith – International Gypsy Union

OND: The executives of the International Union, e.g. the General-Secretary and the other two, are in their positions for life!

1. Is that true?
2. If so, is that not rather undemocratic?

MVS: I would have to say yes to that on both counts.

1. The founder members of the International Gypsy Union/Internationale Zigeuner Union do hold their positions for life. That is correct.

2. While this may indeed be undemocratic it has to be said that:

ONE; we have never made any pretence of being a democratic organization and that is plainly laid out in the statutes of the Union, when it was founded in the first days of March 2006, under the original name, which was then stolen, and:

TWO; the reason that the founder members are executives for life is so that we and the Union can get on with working for the good of our members and the Gypsy People as a whole without infighting (no elections). Democracy is in truth nothing but mob rule and has caused many problems in Rom-Gypsy organizations in the past (and still does).

As stated previously; the statutes of the Union, when it was originally founded under the original name, the “World Gypsy Union”, in the beginning of March 2006, clearly stated that the Union’s executives, who are the founder members, would hold their positions of leadership for life.

The Gypsy Union does not make and never has made any pretence of being a democracy.

No one forces anyone to become a member and our work is not funded from any source other than the pockets of the founders.

It is the aim of the International Gypsy Union to unite all true Gypsy People and we do not think that democracy is needed for that. What is needed are people in leadership who are willing to work for the people without asking how much they can gain from it.

We aim to facilitate networking for members and also and especially ways of mutual support for members (and even Gypsy People who are not members but are in need of help) as, when, where and how possible. It has to be remembered that we are not funded and therefore our finances are rather limited.

OND: Should a Union of any kind not be run on democratic principles with all leadership positions, etc. being open to election?

MVS: Why? There are some Unions that are democratic and some, even trade unions, that are not. The idea of the work counts and what is proposed, and carried out, and being done and a Union should not be measured as to whether it is democratic or not.

OND: But your members pay membership fees and, therefore, should they not have a say on how the Union is run and by whom?

MVS: All membership dues are actually voluntary and will remain so. It is up to each and every individual member whether or not to contribute the suggested minimum donation (membership fee); he or she may give more or less, as they see fit and according to their own wishes. It is up to the person. We will not enforce any payment of such dues and membership is not dependent as to whether membership dues are paid or not. Membership is voluntary, as is the payment of dues and as is also the level of activity and involvement in the work of the Union a member wants to be.

May I stress that, while there are and will be no elections to the Union’s “presidium”, a democratic process shall be in place for other affairs of the Union, such as the decisions as to what to do with funds – as and when they arrive (ever) – which projects to pursue, etc.

OND: But how can you make yourself “leader” for life?

MVS: Why not? The founder of any successful company usually is and remains chief executive for life.

At least the International Gypsy Union makes no pretence, as I have reiterated several times, of involving ‘democracy’ with regards to its leadership. We’ve all seen the ways whereby “Democracy”, can be and is abused and misused.

Other organizations have clamoured for “Democracy”, and then scheme to flood meetings with their cronies in order to ensure that leadership and important offices are filled by persons of favour, rather than best for the organization.

Other examples too could be mentioned of people who, though deposed through democratic elections, still claim to be in charge. There are even people who, though never having been in charge, claim that they were and are still!

Though stated several times already, I will say this again; we do not make any pretence to democracy, this is largely because the world of Gypsy politics is full of rogues, it would seem, who are quite prepared to do whatever it takes to seize control of something good that others have set up, in order to use it for their own ends. This we have seen more than once.

I sincerely hope that this explains things a little more clearly maybe, and that readers of this will now come to understand why we at the International Gypsy Union work the way we do.


Yes, this is no real interview but it was considered that the interview style might aid better understanding as to why we have chosen a mixed approach to the work of the International Gypsy Union.

Ma Bister! August 1 - 2, 1944

Remember and Never Forget

Remember and never forget
The injustices done
To the Romani Race
Remember the camps
And recall their names
Remember Auschwitz, Treblinka,
Dachau, Maidanek, Sobibor,
And others
Too many to name.
Where more than a million
Of Gypsies all told
Were murdered
Because they were born
But the Gadje
They say that this is not true
That this is all lies
And that it was only the Jew
Who for reasons of Race
Was sent to the gas.
Then also remember the many unborn
The Romani chavies that might have been
Be it not for the fact of the many that died
And those of that were maimed and destroyed
In body and mind.


No feeding of homeless (in parks)

Orlando, FL, USA

Officials of the city of Orlando, Florida, USA, have banned charitable groups from feeding the homeless in parks downtown, arguing that transients who gather for weekly meals create safety and sanitary problems for businesses.

The measure approved Monday prevents serving large groups in parks and other public property within 2 miles of City Hall without a one-time permit. The American Civil Liberties Union vowed to sue, saying it's a superficial fix that ignores the city's homeless problem.

A group called Food Not Bombs, which has served weekly vegetarian meals there for the homeless for more than a year, said it would continue illegally.

One can now, obviously, only wonder where they will stop in enforcing this and whether they will not suddenly make the feeding of the homeless anywhere a felony. A surprise this would surely not be, neither in the USA nor in the UK, for instance. Once one city plays around with such legislation then one can only wonder which one will follow suit next and where this will end. In the same way as when some local authorities in the UK have decided that any Gypsy no longer traveling g is no longer ethnic Gypsy and therefore no longer has any redress under the race relations legislations and in the same time making the traveling with trailer an felony thereby, with one stroke, solving the problem of ethnic Gypsies. If they can’t travel they no longer are and if they no longer are then the problem is solved.

The same can be seen with the homeless. Those that cannot get any work have to starve or steal or, and that could be another reason why the city official of Orlando went that route, have to leave the area.

M V Smith, July 28, 2006

Remember the Gypsy Martyrs of the Holocaust

The time is upon us, yet again, of the anniversary of the most horrid part in our People’s history; the destruction of the “Gypsy Camp” at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Where in the night of August 1 – August 2, 1944 – 62 years ago on that day – thousands of Gypsy men, women and children were brutally murdered in the name of Nazi racial purity.

Let us remember our People’s Martyrs of that time, as well as of times that were before and after, by wearing a brown ribbon in their honor and let us keep alive their memory for ever and ever.

To this end, while the German authorities and Gypsy groups still wrangle about the physical memorial to our Martyrs the World Gypsy Union has set up a virtual memorial; one to which anyone can come to remember our dead of the Holocaust and pogroms.


Ma Bister is also the name of the Memorial website and maybe we can all come to that place in our own way and lay some flowers, even though they may be flowers in the mind only, to remember those that were murdered simple because they were Gypsy, Romani, Zigeuner.

At the rising of the sun and at the going down of the same – we will remember them!

Ushti opre Romane! In they memory for a better future of our People.

© M V Smith, July 28, 2006

An Insult to the Romani Victims of the Holocaust


Press Release:


Contact: Grattan Puxon
01206 523528


Travellers and supporters will rally outside the Basildon Centre,
St Martin's Square, Basildon, at 11 am on Tuesday, 1 August, to make
a final appeal to Malcolcm Buckley, council leader, to drop his £3 million
plan to bulldoze 86 homes at Dale Farm, Crays Hill, Essex.


A Petition with 2,000 names collected from around the world
will be delivered to Basildon Council on a 32-foot banner.

Remembering the

The rally will recall the Gypsy Camp Massacre that occurred in Auschwitz
concentration camp on 2 August 1944

The events mark the opening of the Public Enquiry (10.30 am) at Basildon Centre
into 40 Planning Appeals - and will be followed in the afternoon by a Street Party
on Camilla Drive, Dale Farm.


It is an outright insult that is perpetrated by the likes of the Dale Farm Campaign and its leaders, most who are Gohja or Irish Travellers, trying to equate whatever is going on with that illegal encampment in Essex, with the Romani Holocaust. Irish Travellers are not and have never been part of the Romani People nor have had they anything to do with the Holocaust suffered by Sinti, Jenisch and Roma in Europe under the Black Legions of the Nazis.

Those who do this should be ashamed of themselves and apologize to the People. Any Rom associated with that affair can only be regarded as magerdo and palechido and should no longer be regarded as one of the People and the Gohja, like the Irish Travellers, who are but Gohja in trailers, well, what about them. They can be ignored to some degree. They are wannabe Gypsies and nothing more. Wishing to be regarded as "ethnic Gypsies" in order to scam even more from the British government and Europe.

Everyone should boycott the Holocaust event that is to be staged by those people who thus insult the murder of thousands of Gypsy men, women and children on that horrible night in the camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Ma Bister!

© M V Smith, July 2006

Virtual Gypsy Holocaust Memorial

As of June 16, 2006, the first ever online Memorial commemorating the Gypsy Holocaust of the Nazi era and also commemorating those killed for being Gypsy before and after, has been established. "Ma Bister!" http://mabister.tripod.com/ is, I am sure the first, and so far only, of its kind. It is presently still a work in progress but the work is under way for sure. The ideas are there, implementing them and finding the means to do so is something else.

"Ma Bister!" was set up for a number of reasons. Firstly because of the ongoing row over the Holocaust Memorial for those persecuted as Gypsy by the Nazis in Germany where they want to exclude, for instance, the Jenisch People. Secondly because many of our People do not live anywhere near a "real" memorial and therefore an online one simply is one where they can go and reflect.

The idea is to have something like a guestbook (having still to find the source code or add on for the website that can be thus configured) that is like a memorial wall and that can be used by those that wish to commemorate their relatives or friends murdered by the Nazis for being Gypsy, Zigeuner, and also a kind of "book of condolences" where visitors can leave messages. The "wall of remembrance" may have to be done a little different. We shall see however.


We haven't got a clue, says the E.U.

European Union admits to have no idea how funds for Roma(ni) are being spent.

The European Union and the Council of Europe have admitted that aside from the amount of money that has been given to Roma(ni) projects in Europe, especially in the East, over the period 2000-2005, an estimated amount of over €275 million was allocated to projects specifically targeting Roma . This figure rises to an estimated amount of over €750 million when mainstreamed funding benefiting Roma alongside other target groups is taken into account. Surprise? No!

It is just unbelievable that no check whatsoever seems to be kept on the money thus doled to those projects and as there is very little to show for the money that had been thus spent one can only assume that the money somehow suffered severe seepage along the way. In fact most of the money and other donations via the European bodies and other sources never ever reach the grassroots of the People and many of the projects appear to be nothing but scams by certain Roma "leaders" to line their own pockets instead of giving succor to they grassroots Romani People as a whole.

What is going on in the Council of Europe and the European Union bodies as regards to funding Roma(ni) projects? Is it total and utter incompetence in regards to monitoring finances or is there more behind it? Such as actual payment to government agents in the form of certain Roma(ni) leaders; some who call themselves kings and even emperors? One can only wonder, it would appear.

© M V Smith, May 26, 2006


Tom O. (Romanichal)

The discovery of Romani DNA in a skeleton that dates back to the 11th Century, unearthed from a Norwich (England) mulpuv (graveyard), must surely have the "Gypsy Experts", and other professionals in the Gypsy Industry, quaking with alarm and apprehension at this threat to their standing and careers. The established dogma is blown sky high with this conclusive, scientific proof that the "Gypsy", the Romani(y) was in Merry England as early, at least, as the Eleventh Century.

Have no doubt, the "experts" will attempt to find ways of circumventing the validity of this evidence. Already the point has been made that the presence of the Romani DNA could be explained by a mixing between Romani and Anglo-Saxons, in the 10th Century, in Byzantium, but, weak as this supposition is, it does not change the fact that, the Romani was here in England, centuries prior to the theoretical timing of the Gypsyologists?

Recalling the gullibility, for something like half a century, of the scientific establishment, with the Piltdown-Man escapade, I wonder whether we shall be hearing suggestions that the particular Romani DNA was planted in Norwich by Gypsies using a, Dr. Who style, time machine?

The loss of 'Face', and reduction of profits, by the Gypsyologists, is likely to be as great as that suffered as a result of Piltdown-Man?

In the unlikely event that the "experts" were able to rid themselves of the dogma that has, so far, prevailed, there is every possibility that likely evidence, such as that offered in the (Romani?) craftsmanship involved with the Gundestrup Cauldron, recovered from a Jutland bog, and possibly dating to circa, 150BC, would open their minds to other anomalies arising from the existing, dogmatic timing of when "The Gypsy first came to Europe."

Gypsyologists are renowned for their willingness to pick and choose from the evidence that exists; selecting that which fits their theory but totally disregarding that which raises doubts or indicates a differing reality of Gypsy history. For example; much credence is given to philological evidence, with the language masters basing their estimates of the where and when of Gypsy migrations solely on linguistic peculiarities. However, they appear to use the same "Pick & Choose" methods even in this research. I have never yet encountered a philologist that is willing to explain and give account for the existence in the English language of Romani-sourced words, e.g. rig, (the Romani verb to bear or carry), as used in English for exactly the same purpose, and many other similar words. No-one has ever been able to explain the true etymology of the word "mushroom", despite the suggestion that it arises via the French 'mousseron' from the Latin, when anyone with a slight knowledge of Romanes can see the practical link with the Romani words "mush" and "rom"?

The tradition of 'Gypsyology', till now promoted by academics, with very few exceptions, has been dogmatic in its insistence that the Romani(y), (otherwise known as "Gypsy" from the understanding that many of them came from, rather than via, Egypt; similarly the Romani were frequently known as "Bohemians" from the fact that many did, indeed, travel through Europe via the once, large kingdom of Bohemia.), did not arrive, and could not have arrived in England until as late as the Fifteenth Century.

The, now shattered, dogma of mainstream Gypsyology is based largely on the premise, that the forebears of the Romani People were displaced from their earlier homelands as a result of incursive raids by Muslim forces under the leadership of Sultan Mahmud of Gahzni, circa 1018 AD, with such displacement leading to their eventual arriving in Europe. This "evidence" completely ignores Muslim claims that, the life of the holy Prophet was saved, when he lay dying of a deadly fever, by Gypsies that introduced him to the herb Rue, accounting for the fact that Rue is the only herb to have been blessed by the Prophet.

We, the Romani, the Gypsy, the Scapegoat of Gohja society, should be well aware of the Gohja ability, and willingness, to pervert and falsify history to suit their needs; Waht oprey!

Amare Devel amensa!

Tom Odley


By Sarah Morley

The recent discovery of Romani DNA in an Anglo Saxon skeleton has made experts re-think the nature of the city's early population.

Experts from Norfolk Archaeology Unit based at Norwich Castle have discovered a rare form of mitochondrial DNA identified as Romani in a skeleton discovered during excavations in a large area of Norwich for the expansion of the castle mall.

The DNA was found in an 11th century young adult male skeleton, and with the first recorded arrival of the Romani gene in this country put at 500 years later, historians may need to re-think the ethnic mix of the city's early population.

Norfolk Archaeological Unit's lead archaeologist on the dig was Brian Ayres. He told the 24 Hour Museum: "The bones were of a late Saxon Christian. We know this because it was found in a graveyard associated with the church."

Brian was on the scene when they discovered the DNA in the bones of the young Saxon male - out of the 59 skeletons sampled. Though the excavation was done around the early 90's the results of the DNA testing has only recently been published to a specialist audience.

DNA testing is a completely revolutionary way of testing and dating bones to find out their origins. Modern methods only recently discovered allow for lots of new links to be made, such as finding where an individual originated from through their genes.

Extracting DNA from ancient bones is a complicated procedure involving removing the DNA from the tooth pulp as the hard tooth enamel preserves the gene. This form of mitochondrial DNA is passed down the female line and the identified gene is only found in the descendants of Romani. According to DNA records the first recorded Romani Gene found in England was in the 16th Century.

Extensive archaeological excavations have unearthed both Roman and Anglo-Saxon finds in and around Norwich.

The find is exciting because it paints a more diverse picture of ancient Norwich. Although Norwich has a rich history of cultural diversity, the discovery of first recorded Romani Gene in the country points to new levels of diversity.

"This exciting find emphasises a more cosmopolitan Anglo-Scandinavian society," explained Brian who went on to say not only does this find show Norwich as an early multi-ethnic society but it gives a wider indication of a more fluid world in the 11th Century, where humans were constantly moving from country to country.

Romani people have a bloody history of persecution, murder and banishment in almost every country they entered. They were accused of witchcraft and almost every crime imaginable. They originated from the ancient warrior classes of North India and are closely linked to the culture of the Punjabi people, also of North India.

The Romani people are known to have been in Byzantine Empire in the 10th century, so it is thought that the only way the Romani Gene could be found in this country so early is if the previous historical records are mistaken.

Another possibility is that if the Anglo-Saxons were also in Byzantium in the 10th century, relations between the Anglo Saxons and the Romani people may have led to the spread of the Romani Gene to Norwich, England.


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Veshengro comments; "One can only wonder what the experts are going to make of this now, LOL."

Gypsy Holocaust Martyrs insulted

The political-correct gang of history revisionists has now finally managed to insult the memory of the Gypsy Martyrs of the Holocaust in that they will only permit the memorial for the Gypsies (Zigeuner) murdered by the Nazis to be erected with the inscription "Roma" claiming this name to be representative for all of the Gypsy victims of the Holocaust. Apparently a deal has been struck between the German government and the chair of the Central Council of German Sinti & Roma to use ONLY the term "Roma" in the inscription. This is a travesty as we are not all Roma and it makes a mockery of the suffering and sacrifice of our People who were not persecuted as "Roma" or even as "Sinti" nor as "Sinti & Roma" but were persecuted as an inferior race to the Germans, one called "Zigeuner". The text that was originally suggested, and based on the citation of the German President Herzog, would have been much more appropriate as it referred to "all those that were persecuted as "Zigeuner" by the Third Reich". Not every Gypsy in Germany and other countries from whence the victims came are happy to be called and referred to as "Roma". It is therefore an insult of the highest order to the Sinti and Yenisch (and Roma) who were persecuted by the Nazis under the title of "Zigeuner" (Gypsy) or "Zigeunermischling" (mixed-blood Gypsy) to be thus referred to as "Roma" or is this a deliberate fact to diminish the sufferings of the Yenish who too were rounded up and sent to the camps for reasons of being "Zigeuner" by excluding them from this by not using the term "Zigeuner".

Most of our People in those days, and not only when speaking to Gohja, would call themselves "Zigeuner" (the equivalent of what the Romanichals in the UK and in other English-speaking countries did by calling themselves "Gypsies") but neither that fact, nor the fact that we did call ourselves "Zigeuner" (and there are documents to prove that) in the German areas ever since our arrival is not what is to discussion here. What is subject to the discussion though is the fact that in this case the ongoing attempt to make all Gypsies "Roma" regardless to whether or not they thus regard themselves and also to include those that have no right to be called "Gypsies" even, such as the Irish Travellers, in the term "Roma" is being continued and made worse by in this instance by using the term "Roma" yet again without it being representative of the entire group of people that were persecuted and murdered by the Nazis as "Zigeuner". Who cares what has been decided by people not representative for the whole and especially in conjunction with Gohja administrators. One can only as on whose side those supposed representatives of the People stand. Not on the side of the People, that is for sure. It was not the German government that decided to use the term "Roma" thus, by word at least, excluding all other Gypsy groups from the memorial and thereby insulting their victims, but one who supposedly is a representative of the People.

How can the People permit this to happen? Our People were persecuted as "Zigeuner" and as "Zigeuner" they were dragged off to the camps to be sterilized, to be experimented upon, to be tortured and in the end to be murdered and burned. And then those people come along and declare that the word "Zigeuner" is an insult and such. The insult is the fact that the word "Zigeuner" is being made into a dirty word by those self-same people who supposedly are the representatives of the People. Not only is this an attempt to falsify history; it is a disgrace of the highest order. Those who have done this and are doing this should hang their heads in shame and disgrace and leave the scene. We should honor the word "Zigeuner" and wear it as a badge of honor because it was under that name "Zigeuner" that our ancestors were persecuted and murdered.

Dosta penesas!

Zigeuner (Gypsy) and proud of it!

© M V Smith, May 13, 2006