Bulgaria considers legalized genocide on Gypsies

by M Veshengro Smith

Bulgaria's Health Ministry is considering a law aimed to curb the high birth rate among minority groups, particularly the Gypsy People.

Minister Radoslav Gaydarski told journalists that if the birth rate among the Roma Gypsies is not limited, the mortality rate in Bulgaria will remain among the highest in Europe, as many of these children do not survive until adult.

The statement of the Health Minister is utter baloney. While it is true that child mortality amongst Romani children in Bulgaria (and not only in Bulgaria but even in Western nations) is higher than the national average this has nothing whatsoever to do with the number of children but everything with atrocious living conditions for the Gypsy People, especially in countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, but it is not much better even in the West, are forced to live in. An improvement of such conditions and the child mortality would soon drop.
The truth of the matter, however, is that Bulgaria is worried that the Roma will in the next couple of years outnumber the “ethnic” Bulgarian non-Romani and it is for that reason the intended legal genocide of our People that is being considered.

Despite the fact that Bulgaria is due to join the family of European nations known as the European Union by the beginning of 2007 and such very ideas as legal genocide of an ethnic group should prevent such accession to be possible no one in the EU seems to even acknowledge this happening. Rather conveniently, we can only say, for the reason to push for those nations, e.g. Bulgaria, Romania, etc. to join the EU in such a rush is in order to open the labor market there so that western European countries can relocate their business into those countries and then make even more profit.

That all the world is silent yet again does not surprise me as a Gypsy. This is nor the first time that the world stands by and lets it happen, especially to Gypsies. We are, in their eyes, still nothing better than “dirty Gyppos”, despite the fact that many well known artists, entertainers, musicians, engineers, and even politicians are of Romani descent.

The International Gypsy Union and the International Romani Guild are currently preparing a protest letter to the Bulgarian government which will be copied to the EU, the UN and other bodies in the hope that maybe, just maybe, someone actually will do something about it. Also planned is a campaign of email protests by individuals and the text for that is also in preparation as of this moment.

We must stop this blatant attempt of destroying the Romani People by limiting their number of offspring while, at the same time, certain parties in Bulgaria are encouraging the “ethnic” Bulgarians to produce more children. We have seen all this some 65 or so years ago. The world still has learned nothing.

But it is time we, the Romani People, stood up and be counted and let those people know that they can no longer get away with such barbaric acts.

© Veshengro, October 2006