Pandering to the Radical Muslims

A Recipe for Disaster

by M Veshengro Smith

Country after country seems to be caving in and is pandering to the whims of the radical Muslims in case they might get upset by this, that or the other, like recently when the “Deutsche Oper” opera house in Berlin pulled all performances that were planned for the Mozart opera “Idomeneo”, which contains a scene that depicts the severed head of the Prophet Muhammad, from its autumn schedule because of security fears.

It is therefore, I am afraid, no wonder that the various Nazi groupings and parties are gaining ground in Germany, and soon elsewhere, of that we can be certain.

No country, so it would appear, of the so-called free West seems to be willing to stand up to the demands, intimidations and threats of such radicalized Muslim fanatics and extremists who also often call for Islamic Law to apply in the countries where Muslims live, including the UK, and others, and basically declare areas in cities where Muslims happen to, maybe, be the majority to “Muslim areas” bar one, and that is Australia. The Australian Prime Minister John Howard (Liberal Party) did not mince his words when he told Muslims in Australia that Australia was a predominately Christian country with tolerance for other religions and that the Muslims have the choice to live in Australia under Australian law or, if they wish to live under Islamic law then they were free to leave the country. He also added, so it is understood that, should any radical Muslims wish to see it differently they would be stripped of the Australian citizenship where appropriate and sent back to their Muslim country of origin. Good on you, mate! That way any kind of Nazis are stopped in their tracks because the home government is prepared to act, as it should do.

It is a real shame that other countries and their governments do not have the same open approach and firm stand against such elements. Britain and Germany, for example, do not have the backbone to do the same. Both, however, very quickly put the Gypsy in his place with “we cannot have special dispensation to them people” that is to say, our People, the Gypsy, when it comes to some relaxation to the planning laws (as this refers generally only to planning laws) with respect to retrospective planning applications for our own sites and settlements, or for planning applications and granting same even when it is done the correct way, e.g. before moving onto a piece of land, as “we cannot have one law for them Gyppos and one for the rest of the population”. But, apparently, when it comes to blackmail by Muslim radicals and hate-mongering clerics then that is an altogether different story. Each and every time those people say they are offended the freedom of the rest of the population is curtailed. However, no one acts when Gypsies are racially abused, their gravestones smashed and graves vandalized, etc. May o Del help those countries that thus surrender their freedoms to such blackmail.

© Veshengro, September 2006