Two-tier ethnic protection laws

So at least it would appear from where I am standing as a Gypsy, a Romani.

by M Veshengro Smith

Whenever a Jewish grave or a Muslim grave is attacked or the premises of Jews or Muslims this is immediately investigated and prosecuted as a “racially-motivated attack/crime” but when Gypsy graves are being sought out and destroyed then the powers that be decide that it probably will not be a racially-motivated attack but some yobs who just went to destroy graves, even if only the Gypsy grave or graves are targeted and graves to the left and right of Gohja remain untouched, or it investigated with view of someone having had a grievance towards the family the grave of whose loved one has been attacked. To me this is double standards, but it would appear that that is exactly what is being done in the UK and other EU member states. The official recognition of Romani-Gypsies in the UK as an ethnic group is not worth the very paper it is written upon. Local authorities already go around interpreting the law as it suits them and changing ethnicity to lifestyle whereby any Gypsy who happens to have settled down, whether in house or on an official or private caravan site, is no longer regarded as ethnic Gypsy and only those that still travel are – and in that case all those Irish Trailer Trash that travel and the New Agers* and the like. When we then consider that, theoretically, traveling with trailer and stationing trailer anywhere as we used to do is now against the law (and one can go to jail for that theoretically and lose one's trailer and even one's children into care) the traveling Gypsy will soon also be a thing of the past in the UK (and elsewhere) and, voila, no more ethnic Gypsies and therefore no more protection needed. Ethnic cleansing in a new way. But I, yet again, digressed.

As to the law, however, there is definitely a two-tier system in place. It could already be seen well enough a couple of years back with the now notorious “Firle Bonfire” incident that just could not be prosecuted as a race-hate crime because it actually said “Pikeys” on the float. Now, with the grave(s) the police (and other authorities) refuse to see it and handle it as a “racially-motivated attack”. They would not hesitate one nanosecond to investigate and prosecute would the grave be that of a Black person, an Asian, a Jew, or a Muslim. But it seems, yet again, that when it concerns the dirty Gyppos they still have the same attitude; it must be someone with a grudge or such, but cannot possibly be seen as a “racially-motivated attack”. It still goes to prove, again, that British justice (now there is a joke) is still the best that money can buy.

Now it would appear that, because dogs are considered 'unclean' in Islam search dogs will no longer be used by Police when mosques (or Muslim homes) are being searched for guns or explosives. Amazingly, however, despite the fact that dogs are also seen as mokadi (unclean) in the Romani-Gypsy Culture when requested Police nevertheless insists that they take dogs into houses and/or caravans of Romani People as aid in searching. I have put a poster up at my door here at home informing everyone that this is a Romani Household and would they please not introduce dogs or cats into this house to which, as I mentioned it to them, high-ranking police officers have told me that that would not make one iota of a difference to them should they want to conduct a search of my home with dogs. Again one law for some and another law for the Gyppo. Surprise – NOT!

Even though I do not like the fact but I can understand why many Romanichals, many Nidis, in the UK, in the issue of Muslims and especially the radical/radicalized ones very much side with the Nazi groupings such as the BNP, for example. While this is, in my view, entirely the wrong approach and the Nazis will fall upon us in the same way after the have finished with the Muslims, rest assured of that, I can, as I said, understand why our Fohki do that.

It is amazing that the political will is there to make concessions to the Muslims because the regard dogs as 'unclean' the same concessions just cannot, it would appear, be made to the ethnic group that has been in the British Isles for much longer than those Muslims and also regards dogs as 'unclean' and therefore not to be introduced into a home, namely that of the Romani-Gypsy.

Dosta penauas!

© Veshengro, October 2006