Eugenics is Back! In the UK at least.

Details of the government’s plan to improve – oh what a laugh – the “life chances” of problem families are to be revealed.

In a speech, British Prime Minister Tony Blair will set out a scheme to intervene before children were even born to stop them turning into troublemakers later.

He is expected to give more details of the idea, which critics say sounds too much like “eugenics”.

Mr. Blair’s speech comes during a two-day regional tour which follows his summer visit to Balmoral.

His spokesman said: “If you look at the figures of what happens to children in care and their offending rate, that is quite shocking.

“What the prime minister will be setting out is a way in which we work with those who are socially excluded to try to improve their life chances. That’s the key.

“That’s why this isn’t just about trying to deal with the problem where relatively few numbers of individuals or families are causing disproportionate problems for society.

“It’s also about helping those individuals and families to improve their life chances.”

Last week Mr. Blair told BBC News there needed to be earlier intervention, “even pre-birth”, with children if “dysfunctional families” and teenage mums who were not in stable relationships.

"Foetal Asbo Fears"

There should be sanctions against parents who refused help, he said.

But he did not explain in details haw the plan would work.

The plans were branded “foetal Asbos” in the media and also came under fire from former Labor Cabinet minister Tony Benn.

“This one about identifying troublesome children in the foetus – this is eugenics, the sort of thing Hitler talked about,” he told BBC’s Five Live.

"No Stigma"

Children’s charity NCH said Mr. Blair must honor his promise to introduce lasting solutions to help the most excluded people.

The charity’s chief executive, Clare Tickell, said: “Early intervention will help families break the cycle of exclusion but it must be cone in a way that does not stigmatize.

“The government must realize that families need support to change, not to be punished because they are struggling.”

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, which is hosting Mr. Blair’s speech, called for a balanced approach.

It’s director, Lord Best, said: “The underlying cause of many of society’s problems can be traced back to child poverty[1] and, although government is making progress, there is still a long way to go to meet the prime minister’s pledge to end it by 2020.”

It would appear that the United Kingdom is being used – yet again – as a stalking horse for a new wave of “you are not fit to raise your children and have any more kids because you are of a particular ethnic group or strata of society”. We have seen this before and not so long ago Eugenics was still being used in the 1970’s against Jenisch in Switzerland and Romani in Sweden and is still being used to this very day in a number of EU countries.

I know that no one openly says that as yet but I think anyone bar the blindest person must be able to see the writing on the wall. We, the Gypsy People, have seen this before and even before the Third Reich and the racial hygiene laws and madness of the Nazis. Eugenics did not stop with the Nazis either and continued in Switzerland against Jenisch and Sinti & Roma also by a charity, the Pro Juventute organization who snatched, with government connivance and police assistance Gypsy children from the families and had them placed in mental institutions, children’s homes of the most horrible kind, and as slaves to farms. Sweden too has a bad record in this field and both of those countries would have been seen as a pillar of democracy and freedom. Freedom yes, unless you happen to be Gypsy. Then you were seen as inferior and unsuited to raise your own children and unsuited to have more children. Other countries who are now members of the European Union forcibly and coercively sterilized Romani women because they saw them as unsuited to have children and also they saw and still see, as the practice seems to continue in those countries nearly unabated, Gypsies having children as a problem for their society, as they see Gypsies as the source of most if not indeed all ills in their countries. Therefore they aim to exterminate the Romani People, though not by killing them in camps and such as Hitler’s Black Legions did but simply by sterilizing the women.

I am aware that the British “model” is aimed at all “problem” families and so-called “dysfunctional” families but I could bet that some of the first targets with be families of Gypsies and Travellers.

Welcome to 1984, the Orwellian nightmare, only Orwell’s timing was just a slight bit out and it took the powers that be a little longer to condition the people of Britain and of Europe to accept such ideas – again.

We, especially the Romani, must be ever vigilant and watch for the signs. Not that we have not known this before, as I already said.

© M V Smith, September 8, 2006

[1] There was much more poverty, including child poverty, in the olden days and still kids were not causing the trouble they cause today. Why not? Because kids has respect for elder people and had learned to behave… So to blame it on “child poverty” is a load of baloney. The problem is the do-gooders who have interfered with the proper raising of children and the disciplining of them.