European Roma and Traveller Forum - The Government of all Gypsy People?

London, November 20, 2006
by M Veshengro Smith

On Sunday November 19, 2006 on Rokker Radio, with Jake Bowers, Cliff Cordona, the British representative(?) to the ERTF, stated that “the Gypsy People (of the world) now have our own proper government (in the European Roma & Traveller Forum)”. We do? Honest? Is that really the case? I would like to ask who elected them?
Who, of the grassroots of the Romani People cast the votes for any those members on that forum and for the president, Mr. Rudko Kawczynski. I am also sure that I am not the only one who would like to ask that very question.

The truth is that none of the grassroots Roma, Sinti and Cale in Europe have cast their votes for any of them and the majority of them have never even as much heard of the likes of Rudko Kawczynski, Miranda Volusranta, etc. and the ERTF.

However, it would be the likes of those people who play at parliaments and even Gypsy world government are the very same who, with others, would and indeed do accuse the International Gypsy Union as being an undemocratic organization because of the fact that the International Gypsy Union's presidium, the Trishul, who are three founder members that are the executive for life.
The IGU, however, does not claim to represent the Gypsies of the World. All the IGU does is represent its members, even though at the same time the IGU fights for the whole of the Romani People, even though they may not indeed all be members or the organization.

How can any organization, however, make the claim to be the GOVERNMENT OF ALL GYPSY PEOPLE especially as there have been no elections to any kind of GYPSY WORLD GOVERNMENT? Either I have missed something with regards to this worldwide election of a Government of ALL Gypsy People or those people are NOT a government of the Gypsy People... dosta!

Think on.. and think well...

© M Veshengro Smith/IGU, November 2006