Surveillance State UK

by M V Smith

The citizens of the United Kingdom, the always supposed mother of democracy and freedom – well, the people of America in the 1760's would think differently for sure and because they thought differently they had a revolution – are, it is said, the western world's most observed people. Government surveillance cameras are all over the place and there is something like one camera for every 14 people or something like that and each one of us, so it is said, is being observed by cameras several hundred times during the day.

Now the police demand that the government go further still and that CCTV cameras be all fitted with sensitive microphones so that they can record conversations in open spaces between “possible terrorist suspects”. Oh, sure, it is all in order to fight terrorism. What terrorism? The concocted terrorism? The fake terror that we are being presented with?

“But”, say the sheeple, “those cameras make us feel safer because the police monitors them and can be on site immediately when something happens”. Yeah, right, like in one town not far from where I live where even microphones are already on some cameras in the city center a market stall was broken into right next, well nearly, one of those cameras, with a racket made by the burglars smashing their way into the said market stall. Did the police come out? No, obviously not and did anyone see anything on the camera? While the operator heard the noise he kept the camera trained into an alleyway observing, as it appeared, a homeless man siting there drinking.

What it is all about it so that they can completely control the British people and I am convinced that the UK is being used by the Powers That Be as a stalking horse to see how those things will work in the real world before they will be, no doubt, be, to begin with, introduced throughout the European Union countries.

Talk also is about of them wanting to have CCTV cameras at all official Gypsy Caravan Sites in order to make it safer for the residents and so they can keep an eye on any racists wanting to attack the sites. Right! Sure! It is all for the best of the people. The microphones on such cameras as well, I guess. And why is it, so it can be seen from drawings, that such cameras, same as the points of the fences that are being built around the sites, pointing to the inside and not to the outside? Attacks on the sites would come from the outside and not the inside.

In addition to that now motorcars shall be fitted with a kind of “black box” that will be used for charging drivers by the mile and according which roads they drive and where and when. This also will mean that, if you use the motorcar, the govt will know at any time day or night where you or your vehicle is at any given time.

The more I personally see of this the more I am being reminded of George Orwell's book “1984” and also of the TV series from the 1960's “The Prisoner” and other similar sci-fi (well, they were then but no longer) films and TV programs. Who could have thought then that this could once all become reality and that in fact the government would inflict that on all citizens (or better “subjects of Her Majesty”, as it still really is in the UK) who have not committed any crimes whatsoever. It would appear that everyone; man woman or child, is being regarded by the PTB as a criminal until proven otherwise and then the surveillance still will continue – just to make sure. Welcome to the Fourth Reich. In fact Hitler and Stalin are nothing in surveillance compared with the so-called free and democratic governments such as the UK and others.

Wake up, people, wake up!

© M V Smith & O NEVO DROM