An Insult to the Romani Victims of the Holocaust


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Travellers and supporters will rally outside the Basildon Centre,
St Martin's Square, Basildon, at 11 am on Tuesday, 1 August, to make
a final appeal to Malcolcm Buckley, council leader, to drop his £3 million
plan to bulldoze 86 homes at Dale Farm, Crays Hill, Essex.


A Petition with 2,000 names collected from around the world
will be delivered to Basildon Council on a 32-foot banner.

Remembering the

The rally will recall the Gypsy Camp Massacre that occurred in Auschwitz
concentration camp on 2 August 1944

The events mark the opening of the Public Enquiry (10.30 am) at Basildon Centre
into 40 Planning Appeals - and will be followed in the afternoon by a Street Party
on Camilla Drive, Dale Farm.


It is an outright insult that is perpetrated by the likes of the Dale Farm Campaign and its leaders, most who are Gohja or Irish Travellers, trying to equate whatever is going on with that illegal encampment in Essex, with the Romani Holocaust. Irish Travellers are not and have never been part of the Romani People nor have had they anything to do with the Holocaust suffered by Sinti, Jenisch and Roma in Europe under the Black Legions of the Nazis.

Those who do this should be ashamed of themselves and apologize to the People. Any Rom associated with that affair can only be regarded as magerdo and palechido and should no longer be regarded as one of the People and the Gohja, like the Irish Travellers, who are but Gohja in trailers, well, what about them. They can be ignored to some degree. They are wannabe Gypsies and nothing more. Wishing to be regarded as "ethnic Gypsies" in order to scam even more from the British government and Europe.

Everyone should boycott the Holocaust event that is to be staged by those people who thus insult the murder of thousands of Gypsy men, women and children on that horrible night in the camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Ma Bister!

© M V Smith, July 2006