Making Gypsies into Soap

This is apparently a quote by the Bulgarian presidential candidate Volen Siderov of the Ataka party and if the polls are to be believed this right-wing Nazi has the Bulgarian people, in the main, behind him. Other slogans by this Nazi politician include “Bulgaria for Bulgarians” and “Stop the Gypsy Terror!”. Do those slogans sound familiar? Indeed they do and they are straight out of the book of Messrs Hitler and Himmler.

If this is anything to go by then one can only advise the Romani in Bulgaria to flee to the “free” European Union countries once Bulgaria becomes part of the E.U., as it is due to do at the beginning of 2007. However, to all intents and purposes, according to all the good rules of the E.U. that country should not ever be accepted into the family of “free” European nations; at least not until such a day that no longer there is such blatant discrimination of Gypsy People in that country and also no notion of any kind of genocide again the Romani People. This cannot be allowed to be in Europe of the 21st century. However, it does appear to be rather obvious, yet again, that to the European Union and its politicians, despite all their rhetoric, the Romani-Gypsy mean nothing and are really less than animals, for were we regarded as animals there would be better laws for our protection than there are for us now.

While the current Minister of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria want to sterilize Romani women to limit the birth rate amongst the Gypsy People of Bulgaria, which is nothing but genocide by the back door, presidential candidate Volen Siderov is going to the whole hog and advocated the rendering down of the Romani People into soap.

And where, I ask, is the outcry of the free democratic Europe and world? Nowhere! All is quiet. Surprise – NOT! As I said already, despite all of the European Union's rhetoric about human rights and all that jazz, and all the overtures towards the Romani leaders, Gypsies are seen as less valuable than cattle and other farm animals to those politicians in Brussels.

© M V Smith, October 2006