Coercive Sterilization of Gypsy Women

We have known for a long time that this was official government policy before their accession to the EU, and still to this day, of both, it would appear, the Czech Republic and also of Slovakia. What we did not seem to be aware of it the fact that the same policies seem to have been operating in Hungary for years and years, according to UN findings. We can now only wonder where else this is official policy, though hidden and denied?

Maybe it is high time that the Romani women all over the place spoke out as to what has been done to them in maternity hospitals and such. I know that such stuff is generally taboo in our Culture and, maybe for that reason, little is known about it, because the women have not been prepared to speak out. We and they must be silent no more than make known how, where and when such atrocities have happened as that is genocide by the back door and must be stopped. But, as usual, the world stays silent. Why is that? Because the People concerned are only Gypsies; dirty Gyppos in their eyes. Had that been happening to Jewish women, Muslim women in Kosovo, Native American women, etc. there would be an outcry and the world would be calling it openly genocide, but as it is only Cigany, Gypsies, it does not seem to matter.

© MVSmith, September 1, 2006