United Nations guilty of Genocide in Kosovo

While this may appear to be rather a strong statement in regards the United Nations and its High Commission for Refugees I do not know how else one could describe what the UNHCR, and thereby the UN, is doing to the Roma, Egyptians and Ashkali, the Gypsies, of Kosovo.

Keeping them nigh on prisoners in the IDP camps, many of which are contaminated with lead to such a degree that anywhere else it would lead to immediate evacuation of an area, which is killing children and adults can only be regarded as genocide and nothing less. This would never be allowed to happen to any other ethnic group. The world would be up in arms and everyone would scream “blue murder”, and rightly so, but when it concerns Gypsies then the world remains as quiet as a mouse. The sin of omission is as bad as the sin of commission.

Doctors have told the UNHCR that the people must be evacuated from those contaminated areas but the UN completely ignores this and people see their children die from lead poisoning every day. Some have to literally flee from the camps. The UNHCR only consents that they would repatriate the Gypsies to their old living quarters, places where their homes were burned and bombed by ethnic Albanians and where, should they return, the Albanians would, once again, hunt them down and drive them out. But, as would be my guess, that is what the UN is there for in Kosovo, namely to enable the ethnic Albanians to ethnically cleanse Kosovo from Serbas and Gypsies and then make it possible for Kosovo, as a “country” with only ethnic Albanian Muslims to join Albania to create the dream of those Albanian bigots driving out all others groups, namely that of a “Greater Albania”. It is well known by now and admitted by even high-ranking officers of the “protection forces” that the claimed ethnic cleansing of Albanians by the Serbs in Kocovo never happened and in fact the shoe was on the other foot. That is to say that the cleansing was being perpetrated by the Albanians against Serbs and Gypsies and the Serbs only tried to defend themselves. And the UNHCR, knowing full well the danger the Kosovar Gypsies will face if returned to their old quarters is intend either to keep them in the IDP camps with the lead poisoning of such epidemic proportions that it will kill, or damage everyone living there for life, or return them to their old living areas that are being claimed by ethnic Albanians, despite the fact that other options, as far as has been told, are available. This can therefore only be perceived as a deliberate act of genocide against the Gypsy People of Kosovo.

While all this is going on and no one can claim that this is not known with report after report having come out of Kosovo about the situations in those IDP camps for the Gypsies the world remains silent. Why? One can only assume because the major world body, namely the UN, is perpetrating those atrocities.

© M V Smith, September 8, 2006