We haven't got a clue, says the E.U.

European Union admits to have no idea how funds for Roma(ni) are being spent.

The European Union and the Council of Europe have admitted that aside from the amount of money that has been given to Roma(ni) projects in Europe, especially in the East, over the period 2000-2005, an estimated amount of over €275 million was allocated to projects specifically targeting Roma . This figure rises to an estimated amount of over €750 million when mainstreamed funding benefiting Roma alongside other target groups is taken into account. Surprise? No!

It is just unbelievable that no check whatsoever seems to be kept on the money thus doled to those projects and as there is very little to show for the money that had been thus spent one can only assume that the money somehow suffered severe seepage along the way. In fact most of the money and other donations via the European bodies and other sources never ever reach the grassroots of the People and many of the projects appear to be nothing but scams by certain Roma "leaders" to line their own pockets instead of giving succor to they grassroots Romani People as a whole.

What is going on in the Council of Europe and the European Union bodies as regards to funding Roma(ni) projects? Is it total and utter incompetence in regards to monitoring finances or is there more behind it? Such as actual payment to government agents in the form of certain Roma(ni) leaders; some who call themselves kings and even emperors? One can only wonder, it would appear.

© M V Smith, May 26, 2006