We are more than Samudaripen

We, the Romani People, are more than just, and I say the word just very loudly here, Samudaripen though when we see how the majority of the “leaders” behave and act than it would appear that then entire sum of the Romani Nation is Samudaripen and the remembrance of those awful events.

While those events, and the slavery in Romania and other parts of the Balkans, and also the enslavement of Rom from Britain, and other places, and their transportation to the Americas, should never be forgotten and stand as a reminder what the Gadje are capable of doing we must not dwell on, and especially in, the past.

The events of the past must remind us to remain always vigilant and that especially today where we are, once again under threat as a Nation by overt and covert acts. Some of those acts are coming even from those that are supposedly our own and our very own organizations, such as the ERRC (European Roma Rights Center) and it directors.

However, we need to look forward because only in looking forward can we recognize the danger that might be facing us and we must also move forward to create a better future for ourselves and our children and their children, and we must do this as a Nation, and not as just an ethnicity integrated and assimilated into the international working class, as some of our own – at least they claim to be of our Blood – would like us to end up and the Gadje definitely want us that way.

We are an ancient People, a Nation with an ancient heritage albeit with a history not written; which is not to say that it should not be written. But when written then it must be written by us. In fact, it must be written by us, and not just the history but especially everything about our true Culture, Traditions, Customs and Practices, spiritual, religious and others, and that now – says he who has a lot of material gathered but not put together as yet – before those who still know are gone for ever.

It is true that our history, as to origin and such, is lost in the mists of time but there are those of us, of the old ones especially, who know more than they think they know, and all of this must be put down on “paper”, whether real paper or just electronically, and that now. Our children and theirs must have something to be able to cling onto to enable them to continue the fight for the recognition as a Nation proper.

2024 © Michael Smith (Veshengro) / O NEVO DROM