Gypsies told: 'No room for you in our city'

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Portsmouth City Council is refusing to provide plots for Gypsies and Travelers in the city.

Council leaders claim that there is no space to allocate areas for traveling camps.

The South East England Regional Assembly, the region's planning body, said Portsmouth should find space for 13 or 14 pitches for Gypsies and traveling show people. Councilors, however, wrote back to the assembly refusing to comply with this order.

Now they have agreed a Gypsy and Traveler strategy which says: 'The city council is concerned that any regional allocation of caravan pitches to Portsmouth will not be deliverable.'

Liberal-Democrat council leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson said: 'This reinforces our message to the regional development agency that we will continue to fight this.

'We are continuing with our view that there is no demand for the sites in Portsmouth and no space for them either.'

The regional assembly came up with the number of pitches each area in the south east should provide after a lengthy consultation.

Fareham and Havant have to provide nine each, Gosport five, East Hampshire 18 and Winchester 37.

The figures have been sent to the government for approval, and an examination in public is expected to take place before they are agreed, but ministers could say Portsmouth has to provide the sites.

Portsmouth council leaders hope they can strike a deal with a neighboring authority to take on its share of pitches instead.

But Fareham is already in talks with Winchester to take its share on, while Gosport and East Hampshire have so far protested against the pitches they have already been allocated.

Tory leader Councilor Steve Wemyss said the city council was taking a risk by refusing to find sites.

'I agree that there is no space in the city,' he said. 'But the law says we have to provide suitable sites, otherwise we could end up with more illegal encampments.

'If they fail to provide sites it could be a problem when it comes to seeking injunctions to move travelers on when they do arrive.

'It's easy for the administration to say we don't have space, but it does feel like they are sticking their heads in the sand.'

Councillor Vernon-Jackson said the council would continue to work with neighboring authorities.

Regardless of the fact that there are many Gypsies and traveling people in Hampshire and also in and around Portsmouth. Mostly found encamped illegally, and despite the order from the regional assembly the Portsmouth city fathers are basically saying that Gypsies and Travelers are not welcome in their town.

The claim by councilors is that there is no space in the city of Portsmouth for less than 15 pitches. That, I am afraid to say, is a laughable excuse. Sure there are areas available, such as some of the old Navy facilities, where some of those pitches, if not indeed all, could be accommodated.

The truth is, though, that Portsmouth's city authorities are simply saying that they just do not want to provide spaces for Gypsies and Travelers. It is as simple and straightforward as that.

Shame on you, Portsmouth.

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Toddler punched by muggers

Were the perpetrators Roma?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

London, November 2009: On Tuesday, November 3, 2009, shortly before 5pm, muggers punched a two-year-old girl in the head as they demanded money from her mother, Scotland Yard revealed.

The 23-year-old victim was shopping with her daughter in Wembley, north-west London, when two young women tried to rob her.

The attackers, thought to be in their teens, became aggressive when the victim did not let go of her bag, and hit the mother on the arm before punching the toddler in the head.

None of the victim's belongings were taken, Metropolitan Police spokeswoman Detective Inspector Rebecca Reeves said. But DI Reeves also said that although the victim and her daughter did not have any visible injuries, this was a frightening experience for them.

A CCTV image of the two alleged attackers has been released after the attempted robbery in the hope that someone will recognize the perpetrators.

While both the women are described by the police from the CCTV images to be of Mediterranean appearance, with long dark brown curly hair and aged 14 to 18, I will say, despite the fact that I will be gather flack for sure with this, they do appear to be young Roma females from the Balkan region, probably, going by the way they are dressed and by looks. Alternatively they could be Albanians.

One was around 5ft and was wearing a white jacket, black mini-skirt, tiger stripe leggings, black flat shoes and was carrying a large black fake leather bag.

The second wore a black jacket, blue denim "skinny" jeans, black Ugg-style boots and had a large brown fake leather bag with gold details.

Those further description, as above, leads me further to believe that this crime has been committed by members of the Eastern European Roma community that are in London, often as “tourists”, from the new member states of the EU, such as Romania, Bulgaria, and also those from the Balkans that are now in Italy, who, all three grous, unfortunately, have a way of life, and the Irish judge recently was right with this, that sees begging with menace and also robbery as something acceptable.

We, the Romani People from Britain and elsewhere in Europe who have a different way, must make it clear to those Roma that that is no way to behave and that crimes like that will not be permitted by the Romani community at large.

Police urged anyone with information on the attack to call the incident room on 07917 067 281 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Any of the community who knows anything about this please contact the police. Let us show the Gadje that we do not condone such activities. Also, maybe our own justice system needs to go into action here and do something about it.

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Who owns your children?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

“What a silly question” many readers, and especially those who are parents, are going to think right now, and, like most people, they will regards that they, the parents, “own” their children.

I know, everyone thinks that, basically, the parents “own” their children but this, in the governments’ eyes, is not the case, regardless of what they may say otherwise.

However, according to the way the government(s) and powers-that-be see it it is they, the powers-that-be, who own your children, dearest readers, regardless of what they, the powers-that-be may say and claim to the contrary.

You may think me crazy but the fact is that the powers-that-be definitely do think that they own your children, everyone’s children, and the fact and truth of the matter is that they not just think thus; they do own your children in the way the laws have been framed.

You, their parents, are only permitted to look after them (as long as you do the job of caring for them according to the decrees of the governments.) feed them, clothe them, send the to government brainwashing institutions, called schools, and such, using, obviously, in the main your own money to do that all. All so you can call them “your children”.

However, if and when they state sees fit to come and take them from you because the powers that be have decreed that your upbringing is against the rules, they will surely do so.

If you happen to, as done under many of the social systems that are operative in many countries you receive monies from the state “for” your children, called in Britain “child benefit” and in Germany, for example, Kindergeld (children money), this becomes even more obvious and the state very quickly also interferes in how you raise your offspring.

And you still think that you “own” your children and have any rights to teach them the way you want them to be taught and all that. Think again.

© 2009

It's not Monopoly Money, Prime Minister

It is not monopoly money, Gordon, and it is NOT yours to give away

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Hard on the heels of throwing taxpayer money away at the banks, which then did not do as they were requested in return for the money, the current British Labor government – or should I better call it “regime” - has now given away more of the British taxpayers' money.

This time it has been given to the European Union (EU) and official figures show that our share of the EU budget is to soar by almost 60 per cent to £6.4billion.

According to a Treasury document that was very quietly and almost secretly released by the Government some weeks ago the nett effect of the concessions is that every household in Britain will have to cough up another £92 per year, making our overall contribution equivalent to £257 per household.

I wonder how many British subjects understand the benefits of membership of the Union

Would you vote to become a member of an association with a membership fee this size without checking out the benefits of membership? Would you call the Euro and the Common Agricultural Policy membership benefits – we do not partake of one and the other is "a hole in my pocket".

The EU contributions rebate was won in 1984 by Margaret Thatcher to compensate the UK for the massive costs of the Common Agricultural Policy, which benefits Britain much less than other countries because of its relatively small farming sector. British contributions will continue to rise as the impact of the government concessions increases in coming years.

The latest increase is the largest year-on-year rise since 2003. The loss of the rebate makes Britain the second highest contributing member of the EU behind Germany.

Not that this is very surprising from the clique around Gordon Brown that they have now, in the name of the British people, basically given away the EU contributions rebate won by the now Lady Thatcher, in the same way that they refuse to let the British people have a say as to whether or not we do want to be part of the Lisbon Treaty.

We have just seen the farce that the EU is claiming to be democratic but when a referendum result does not suit them they basically tell the government concerned where the people have rejected something to keep voting till the desired result is achieved, as just now in Eire.

How can anyone believe that unelected entity situated in Brussels and Strasbourg stands for liberty and democracy. It does not, that much is becoming more and more evident.

Despite their big talk Gypsy People in Hungary, Italy, the former Czechoslovakia, and other countries in the European Union are being persecuted, often by government decree, as in the case of Italy, with the EU bodies standing by. Ethnic cleansing by proxy, methinks.

We have nothing to hope for from the EU but everything to fear, namely and especially our personal freedoms, despite assurances to the contrary, and if the recent new laws in Germany are anything to go by then all one can say is “welcome to the Fourth Reich”, courtesy of the EU.

The only way for Britain, and other countries of Europe, to go if the people value their freedoms is to stay out of the EU or, if they are in, to get out, and that presto.

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