Lady Gaga gone gaga...

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Lady Gaga - yes, she with the outrageous outfits - says she feels "Gypsy at heart". Another one who wants to join the club which is not a club.
Dear Lady Gaga, you cannot join us unless you were born one of us... 

I just wonder what all those wannabes would do if they encountered the real racism and anti-Gypsyism that we are faced with daily, especially those of us in places such as Hungary, Romania, etc.​20032012-hindus-ask-gaga-to-sup​port-gypsy-apartheid-issue-as-​she-feels-gypsy-at-heart/​BollywoodDetailsPage/2012/​bollywoodDetails200312d.php

As far as the Hindus (first link) are concerned could they please stop trying to "help" us. It is just someone having his own political agenda to make him look good.