Do politicians intentionally keep Roma in ghettos to absorb EU funds?

By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

I am sick and tired of politicians who intentionally keep Roma in ghettos to absorb EU funds, use money for other purposes, and eventually blame failed integration on Roma's alleged laziness and criminal behavior ...” said Mihail Georgiev, Chair of Board of Directors, organization "Romani Baht" (Sofia, Bulgaria), recently. And he is not the only one.

Now, the question then must be as asked above: Do politicians intentionally keep the Romani People in ghettos to absorb EU funds? And the answer, I must say, seems to be self-explanatory and it just seems to be thus.

However, not only the politicians of the various countries have found the Gypsy People, the Romani, in the ghettos a nice little earner; the community leaders have too.

There is a veritable Gypsy Industry out there and everyone who is someone is feeding at the trough, while the poor Rom in the ghettos have to eek out a living on the rubbish tips.

One only has to look at the villas of the self-proclaimed voivodes, kings and emperors, to see where the money is in Romaniland and then ask as to how they came by that money.

The money that is meant to help the poor Rom, whether in towns or villages, in the former Iron Curtain countries – for Romani groups from the West need not apply – never reaches those in need but drains away in the endless sands of the politician and leader desert. The EU has had to admit more than once when parliamentarians asked questions that they knew how much money had gone to Roma projects but had no idea as to what actually had been done with the money.

The other part of the Gypsy Industry are those that make money one the back of the poor Rom in different ways, while equally keeping them in ignorance. Language course, and other such things, are a nice little earner, as is the “standardized Romanes”, no doubt, but what does it benefit the choro Rom, the poor Gypsy? Kek! Nothing.

The poor Rom does not need standardized Romanes which is claimed to be needed for all Gypsies to communicate with one another because he has no time to learn it. The only ones who need this – by now – made up – language are the academics who get the research funding and the money for the books and courses.

It is politicians, leaders of the community, as much as Gypsyologists, whether Gadje or Rom, that like to keep the Rom just where they are, namely in the ghettos and poor.

© 2011

A little personal and editorial note

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The system, that is Blogger, detecting an intrusion, then disabled the entire account with all my Blogs. I managed to get the account reinstated, including O NEVO DROM.

It would appear that somewhere along the line someone or some entity does not appear to be happy with what I am writing and especially it would appear as far as the Romani-Gypsy cause is concerned. The  question is but who and why...