Making Gypsies into Soap

This is apparently a quote by the Bulgarian presidential candidate Volen Siderov of the Ataka party and if the polls are to be believed this right-wing Nazi has the Bulgarian people, in the main, behind him. Other slogans by this Nazi politician include “Bulgaria for Bulgarians” and “Stop the Gypsy Terror!”. Do those slogans sound familiar? Indeed they do and they are straight out of the book of Messrs Hitler and Himmler.

If this is anything to go by then one can only advise the Romani in Bulgaria to flee to the “free” European Union countries once Bulgaria becomes part of the E.U., as it is due to do at the beginning of 2007. However, to all intents and purposes, according to all the good rules of the E.U. that country should not ever be accepted into the family of “free” European nations; at least not until such a day that no longer there is such blatant discrimination of Gypsy People in that country and also no notion of any kind of genocide again the Romani People. This cannot be allowed to be in Europe of the 21st century. However, it does appear to be rather obvious, yet again, that to the European Union and its politicians, despite all their rhetoric, the Romani-Gypsy mean nothing and are really less than animals, for were we regarded as animals there would be better laws for our protection than there are for us now.

While the current Minister of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria want to sterilize Romani women to limit the birth rate amongst the Gypsy People of Bulgaria, which is nothing but genocide by the back door, presidential candidate Volen Siderov is going to the whole hog and advocated the rendering down of the Romani People into soap.

And where, I ask, is the outcry of the free democratic Europe and world? Nowhere! All is quiet. Surprise – NOT! As I said already, despite all of the European Union's rhetoric about human rights and all that jazz, and all the overtures towards the Romani leaders, Gypsies are seen as less valuable than cattle and other farm animals to those politicians in Brussels.

© M V Smith, October 2006


October 2006

This ‘Open’ Letter is sent initially and directly to the Executive Secretary at the Secretariat of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI), but is intended to be considered, heeded and acted upon by all persons of Power & Influence throughout Europe.

Did they mean it when they said: “NEVER AGAIN!”?


Despite the horrific memories and the stench of death that still linger over post-Hitler Europe, even after the passing of so many years, like a cloud drawn from a scene of Dante's "INFERNO", and notwithstanding the hypocritical calls demanding a "Change to a more just, equal and tolerant society.", within Europe and the world at large, set formally within the United Nations Charter and reiterated, and elaborated, by subsequent Conventions and agreements, pen racism and direct hostility toward some ethnic minority groups are still tolerated and even ‘openly fostered’ by most European countries that are Member States, (or about to become members), of the European Union?

As a principle officer, serving as Media-rep. for both the INTERNATIONAL GYPSY UNION, and the INTERNATIONAL ROMANI GUILD, I beg, (A claim that all Gypsy are, supposedly guilty of?), to direct your attention toward the ongoing maltreatment of the Romani minority throughout Europe.

Let none among you, particularly the influential politicians and leaders of E.U. Member States dare to claim; "But we, in my country, do not treat the "Gypsy", the Romani People, unfairly or with any racial antagonism!"... Should you dare make such claim, then I can only respond by saying..... "You lie!".

I/we, as Gypsy, find it most peculiar that, whilst an important, and fundamental, requirement for any country aspiring to membership, or already sharing membership status, of the European Union is the encouragement and enforcement of equality and justice to all citizens, regardless of their race or ethnicity, the Romani (Gypsy) appear to have been made an exception to this requirement?

I'll not attempt to fill page after page with case-notes and citations that affirm the guilt of each and every European Union Member-state. You know who they are and what they've done, yet the E.U. as a collective group, have done little or nothing, (Other than to waffle on with a load of hypocritical conferences, seminars, etc?), to put right this unholy injustice toward the "Gypsy".

The obvious cases; Greece, Italy, Spain, the UK with their "Gypsy Clearance" projects in preparation for the Olympic Games, without due and proper re-location of the Romani affected, are many and well publicised, (Although little heeded?), whilst the coerced, (Illegal), sterilization of Romani females in countries such as Hungary, the Czech Republic, etc. are also well-documented, (Yet little remarked?).

Any Romani, be they Roma or Sinti in countries such as Germany, France, Austria, the UK, etc. can show instance of the blatant breach of their human rights?

Member states, "under consideration" (?), for EU Membership. such as Bulgaria, are, quite openly, falling far short of the requirements for E. U. membership, certainly so far as their attitudes and policies toward the Romani are concerned... this is clearly instanced in the recent call for a change in the law, by the Bulgarian Health Minister, Radoslav Gaydarski, which would severely limit the birth rate among the Romani population of Bulgaria, tantamount to genocide. The Minister even went so far as to call for a meeting between Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, intended to address the issue of the high, (proportionally), Romani birth rate, along with the neo-natal situation that leads to Bulgaria having about the highest infant-mortality rate in the whole of Europe. A major concern appearing to be the fear, among ethnic Bulgarians, that the Rom will eventually form the largest ethnic group in that country?

I have insufficient time, ink or paper, to list the instances of arson attacks and other physical assaults, (even torture and murder), made against the Gypsy, the Romani, throughout the various countries that form the European Union. One related fact is clear and beyond dispute; Nazism and neo-fascism are accelerating so as to become firmly established (Yet again), in Germany, Austria and throughout much of Europe?

The call has often been made: "Never Again!", in reference to any repeat of the Unholy Slaughter, of Romani, along with Jews and others...

On behalf of us all; I would make the plea to you and others of influence:

Please! Give that call substance?

In the words of a fellow Rom, MEP for Barcelona;

"May you enjoy the dreams you deserve!"

Tom Odley (Romanichal)
Media Officer, for the International Gypsy Union & the International Romani Gui

The International Gypsy Union is a non-profit organization aiming to represent the voices and the views of individual and groups of Romany (Gypsy), in Europe and throughout the world. Unlike other, so-called, “Romani-representative organizations”, the I.G.U. does not accept funds from Gohja (Non-Rom) bodies or from any government; therefore we are able to avoid detrimental influences from non-Romani sources. We welcome input from individual Gypsy and Romani groups that are unfettered by Gohja control. Our overriding aim is to have, for them, a world-wide society wherein they, The Romani Chave, may live in reasonable peace and enjoy fair and equal treatment, free from the racism and hatred presently offered to them and which has, for so many hundreds of years, been the lot of the Romani Fohki.

International Gypsy Union….

Two-tier ethnic protection laws

So at least it would appear from where I am standing as a Gypsy, a Romani.

by M Veshengro Smith

Whenever a Jewish grave or a Muslim grave is attacked or the premises of Jews or Muslims this is immediately investigated and prosecuted as a “racially-motivated attack/crime” but when Gypsy graves are being sought out and destroyed then the powers that be decide that it probably will not be a racially-motivated attack but some yobs who just went to destroy graves, even if only the Gypsy grave or graves are targeted and graves to the left and right of Gohja remain untouched, or it investigated with view of someone having had a grievance towards the family the grave of whose loved one has been attacked. To me this is double standards, but it would appear that that is exactly what is being done in the UK and other EU member states. The official recognition of Romani-Gypsies in the UK as an ethnic group is not worth the very paper it is written upon. Local authorities already go around interpreting the law as it suits them and changing ethnicity to lifestyle whereby any Gypsy who happens to have settled down, whether in house or on an official or private caravan site, is no longer regarded as ethnic Gypsy and only those that still travel are – and in that case all those Irish Trailer Trash that travel and the New Agers* and the like. When we then consider that, theoretically, traveling with trailer and stationing trailer anywhere as we used to do is now against the law (and one can go to jail for that theoretically and lose one's trailer and even one's children into care) the traveling Gypsy will soon also be a thing of the past in the UK (and elsewhere) and, voila, no more ethnic Gypsies and therefore no more protection needed. Ethnic cleansing in a new way. But I, yet again, digressed.

As to the law, however, there is definitely a two-tier system in place. It could already be seen well enough a couple of years back with the now notorious “Firle Bonfire” incident that just could not be prosecuted as a race-hate crime because it actually said “Pikeys” on the float. Now, with the grave(s) the police (and other authorities) refuse to see it and handle it as a “racially-motivated attack”. They would not hesitate one nanosecond to investigate and prosecute would the grave be that of a Black person, an Asian, a Jew, or a Muslim. But it seems, yet again, that when it concerns the dirty Gyppos they still have the same attitude; it must be someone with a grudge or such, but cannot possibly be seen as a “racially-motivated attack”. It still goes to prove, again, that British justice (now there is a joke) is still the best that money can buy.

Now it would appear that, because dogs are considered 'unclean' in Islam search dogs will no longer be used by Police when mosques (or Muslim homes) are being searched for guns or explosives. Amazingly, however, despite the fact that dogs are also seen as mokadi (unclean) in the Romani-Gypsy Culture when requested Police nevertheless insists that they take dogs into houses and/or caravans of Romani People as aid in searching. I have put a poster up at my door here at home informing everyone that this is a Romani Household and would they please not introduce dogs or cats into this house to which, as I mentioned it to them, high-ranking police officers have told me that that would not make one iota of a difference to them should they want to conduct a search of my home with dogs. Again one law for some and another law for the Gyppo. Surprise – NOT!

Even though I do not like the fact but I can understand why many Romanichals, many Nidis, in the UK, in the issue of Muslims and especially the radical/radicalized ones very much side with the Nazi groupings such as the BNP, for example. While this is, in my view, entirely the wrong approach and the Nazis will fall upon us in the same way after the have finished with the Muslims, rest assured of that, I can, as I said, understand why our Fohki do that.

It is amazing that the political will is there to make concessions to the Muslims because the regard dogs as 'unclean' the same concessions just cannot, it would appear, be made to the ethnic group that has been in the British Isles for much longer than those Muslims and also regards dogs as 'unclean' and therefore not to be introduced into a home, namely that of the Romani-Gypsy.

Dosta penauas!

© Veshengro, October 2006

Bulgaria considers legalized genocide on Gypsies

by M Veshengro Smith

Bulgaria's Health Ministry is considering a law aimed to curb the high birth rate among minority groups, particularly the Gypsy People.

Minister Radoslav Gaydarski told journalists that if the birth rate among the Roma Gypsies is not limited, the mortality rate in Bulgaria will remain among the highest in Europe, as many of these children do not survive until adult.

The statement of the Health Minister is utter baloney. While it is true that child mortality amongst Romani children in Bulgaria (and not only in Bulgaria but even in Western nations) is higher than the national average this has nothing whatsoever to do with the number of children but everything with atrocious living conditions for the Gypsy People, especially in countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, but it is not much better even in the West, are forced to live in. An improvement of such conditions and the child mortality would soon drop.
The truth of the matter, however, is that Bulgaria is worried that the Roma will in the next couple of years outnumber the “ethnic” Bulgarian non-Romani and it is for that reason the intended legal genocide of our People that is being considered.

Despite the fact that Bulgaria is due to join the family of European nations known as the European Union by the beginning of 2007 and such very ideas as legal genocide of an ethnic group should prevent such accession to be possible no one in the EU seems to even acknowledge this happening. Rather conveniently, we can only say, for the reason to push for those nations, e.g. Bulgaria, Romania, etc. to join the EU in such a rush is in order to open the labor market there so that western European countries can relocate their business into those countries and then make even more profit.

That all the world is silent yet again does not surprise me as a Gypsy. This is nor the first time that the world stands by and lets it happen, especially to Gypsies. We are, in their eyes, still nothing better than “dirty Gyppos”, despite the fact that many well known artists, entertainers, musicians, engineers, and even politicians are of Romani descent.

The International Gypsy Union and the International Romani Guild are currently preparing a protest letter to the Bulgarian government which will be copied to the EU, the UN and other bodies in the hope that maybe, just maybe, someone actually will do something about it. Also planned is a campaign of email protests by individuals and the text for that is also in preparation as of this moment.

We must stop this blatant attempt of destroying the Romani People by limiting their number of offspring while, at the same time, certain parties in Bulgaria are encouraging the “ethnic” Bulgarians to produce more children. We have seen all this some 65 or so years ago. The world still has learned nothing.

But it is time we, the Romani People, stood up and be counted and let those people know that they can no longer get away with such barbaric acts.

© Veshengro, October 2006

Pandering to the Radical Muslims

A Recipe for Disaster

by M Veshengro Smith

Country after country seems to be caving in and is pandering to the whims of the radical Muslims in case they might get upset by this, that or the other, like recently when the “Deutsche Oper” opera house in Berlin pulled all performances that were planned for the Mozart opera “Idomeneo”, which contains a scene that depicts the severed head of the Prophet Muhammad, from its autumn schedule because of security fears.

It is therefore, I am afraid, no wonder that the various Nazi groupings and parties are gaining ground in Germany, and soon elsewhere, of that we can be certain.

No country, so it would appear, of the so-called free West seems to be willing to stand up to the demands, intimidations and threats of such radicalized Muslim fanatics and extremists who also often call for Islamic Law to apply in the countries where Muslims live, including the UK, and others, and basically declare areas in cities where Muslims happen to, maybe, be the majority to “Muslim areas” bar one, and that is Australia. The Australian Prime Minister John Howard (Liberal Party) did not mince his words when he told Muslims in Australia that Australia was a predominately Christian country with tolerance for other religions and that the Muslims have the choice to live in Australia under Australian law or, if they wish to live under Islamic law then they were free to leave the country. He also added, so it is understood that, should any radical Muslims wish to see it differently they would be stripped of the Australian citizenship where appropriate and sent back to their Muslim country of origin. Good on you, mate! That way any kind of Nazis are stopped in their tracks because the home government is prepared to act, as it should do.

It is a real shame that other countries and their governments do not have the same open approach and firm stand against such elements. Britain and Germany, for example, do not have the backbone to do the same. Both, however, very quickly put the Gypsy in his place with “we cannot have special dispensation to them people” that is to say, our People, the Gypsy, when it comes to some relaxation to the planning laws (as this refers generally only to planning laws) with respect to retrospective planning applications for our own sites and settlements, or for planning applications and granting same even when it is done the correct way, e.g. before moving onto a piece of land, as “we cannot have one law for them Gyppos and one for the rest of the population”. But, apparently, when it comes to blackmail by Muslim radicals and hate-mongering clerics then that is an altogether different story. Each and every time those people say they are offended the freedom of the rest of the population is curtailed. However, no one acts when Gypsies are racially abused, their gravestones smashed and graves vandalized, etc. May o Del help those countries that thus surrender their freedoms to such blackmail.

© Veshengro, September 2006