German Sinti (Gypsies) and the Ostrich Syndrome

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

When, in summer of 2011 I wrote this article the response on Facebook and elsewhere was one of commendation for having pointed out the inherent dangers.

However, in response to the German translation of this article of last year, posted recently by a third person who requested this translation from me on German Gypsy forums, the attacks from German Sinti were that they would need to have hard evidence and proof (other than Russian media a wire service) before they are going to believe that this might be in the offing.

In addition to that there were serious attacks on my person, integrity and my intentions and it was a definite case of shooting the messenger because the message is not one that one wants to hear.

Once hard evidence and proof arrives, as to the aims of the EU appertaining to Europe's Gypsies as hinted to in my article it is, I am afraid to say, too late. The trains will then already be rolling east.

How harsh this may sound and indeed be, it is a fact. When the first resettlement transports are on the move traveling to their destination in the steppes of Russia and we have the hard evidence and proof it is too late to warn and even to do much against it. The preparations have to be made now to combat this when it starts and even before it does.

As the Good Book says, however, “there are none that blind than those who do not want to see and none that deaf than those that do not want to hear”.

Warning is all one can do, acting is what they have to do. We who have warned cannot be blamed that we have said naught as long as we keep warning.

One can, as it is said, a horse to water but drinking one can make it not.
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