Leading Scottish Romany figure sadly taken from us

Elic Kennedy – Obituary

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Alexander (Elic) Kennedy
Scottish Romanichal Gypsy
Born: 22 August, 1949, in Lanark.
Died: 24 December, 2009, in East Kilbride, aged 60.

On Christmas Eve 2009 the Gypsy community saw, with great sadness, one of our finest men travel on from us into the great eternal journey. Following a short and sudden illness, Elic passed away at Hairmyres Hospital in South Lanarkshire.

Alexander Kennedy was born 60 years ago last August in Lanark, but it wouldn't have mattered where, as he loved every part of this country. He was a proud Romany Gypsy man whose family roots lay in and around the Lanark, Borders and Edinburgh areas. He was a direct descendant of one of the foremost Romany Gypsy families in Scotland and could trace his bloodline back to the “Queen” of the Yetholm Gypsies, Esther Faa Blyth.

He loved his culture, its traditions, its way of life, history and language, and was an artist of some considerable talent. He could make anything out of wood and created many paintings (none of which he would sell for profit) depicting scenes of Gypsy life including the caravans and wagons of yesteryear.

In a short film on YouTube Elic can be seen dancing and talking great sense, such as, when he says, that we are Romanichals and not Roma...
http://www.youtube.com/travellerstimes#p/u/22/7fVSIQXbn0U. Good onya Kako!

Another great one of ours has gone; gone but not forgotten, leading the way to a new future for the Romani-Gypsy.

Sovea mishto Kako!

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