Dazzled by titles, blinded by bling

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Too many people, Gadje and Rom alike, are dazzled by the Gypsyologists and their titles, regardless of whether they are Gadje or Rom.

They have grand titles of Professor, or Doctor, in “Romani Studies”, “Romani Language”, etc. but what does that mean and prove. Who tested them on their skills and knowledge? Were those that awarded them the titles Romani Elders? No, it was Gadje academics that gave them title and position.

So, how much can we really depend on what those people then say?

What those people created is a complete industry revolving around the Roma and the language of the Roma, for few other Romani groups would ever share information with them, whether on Culture and Tradition or Language; the Sinti most certainly not.

That is the very reason that the entire thing revolves around the Roma and hence the reason why the academics are trying to elevate the Roma as the mother group of all the Romani People, which is not so.

But all their studies are based upon the material from the Roma and hence, in order to make themselves into more than what they are, they must try too make the Roma groups the leading lights, so to speak.

It is being claimed that this is done in order to bring about unity amongst the Gypsy People but that is a load of, as the Australians would say, bull dust. Dust thrown up in order to blind people so they do not see the real truth behind what is being done.

Many Romani “leaders” also work hand-in-glove with the self-acclaimed Romani academics, whether Gadje or Rom, as they seem to think that they get something out of it for themselves. The concern of most of those leaders anyway is not for the poor Gypsy who has to eek out a living by scavenging and such.

Let's stop being dazzled and blinded and learn to look behind the scenes. It is not that difficult when we learn to wear the shades of discernment. In the field of “Romani Studies” titles mean absolutely nothing; that is what we must remember, and the academic, whether Gypsy of Gadjo, only know what he or she does know because someone from the People gave him or her that information.

Wake up everyone and see the light.

© 2010