Announcing the Romani E Journal

Romani E Journal – A new journal on anti-Gypsyism

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Recently a new e-journal, the Romani E Journal, has been launched and has published its first issue on “Experiencing Exclusion”.

This is an important subject, in my opinion, as the exclusion of the Gypsy People by the mainstream society from many aspects of ordinary life is a given fact but one often forgotten, especially as to Romani Exclusion in the countries of Western Europe.

Time and again we are being told about this or that factor of Gypsy Exclusion and Anti-Gypsyism in the former Com-Bloc countries, such as Hungary, the former Czechoslovakia, Romani, Bulgaria, but little, if anything, is said about Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Britain, etc.

While the practice of sending Gypsy children to “special schools” in the Czech Republic and also Hungary made and makes headlines in Romani and even non-Romani media, the fact that the same is happening in Germany, and other countries, is not even mentioned once.

Romani E Journal is dedicated to publishing articles on the different aspects and expressions of anti-Gypsyism and its Editor-in-chief is Gregor Dufunia Kwiek.

The website of Romani E Journal also contains audio visual materials, such as taped discussions and lectures, as well as a documentation archive with photos of various Romani events and texts related to the topic.

The aim of the documentation archive and journal is to provide teachers, students and scholars with accessible information on the Romani people.

Contributors should bear in mind that we seek contributions that will take a critical approach causing readers to be cautious about accepting information about Roma as a true representation both in media and literature.

The next and second issue will be published in April, and will focus on gender balance in Romani society. We welcome contributions related to this topic. Deadline for submissions is March 30th.

Romani E Journal welcomes and publishes contributions in English, Swedish and Romani.

Romani E Journal gratefully acknowledges the support of the Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs for the development and maintenance of the website.

For more information, please visit our website

Table of contents of the first issue (Winter No 1/2009):
  • Gregor Dufunia KWIEK: Unintentional Exclusion
  • Robert BRISENSTAM: On Antiziganism and the Importance of Education
  • Emilia DOMURAT: Utbildningsväsendet och romer i Sverige
  • MC ROM: När drömmar krossas
  • Gregor Dufunia KWIEK: Titles, words, declarations and their misinterpretation
  • Elin STRAND: ”Dessa synnerligen otacksamma främlingar”-Vetenskaplig antiziganism i ljuset av två svenska 1700-talsavhandlingar

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