The International Contest of Romani Poetry in Memory of Papusza

Dear Roma and non-Roma poets!

The Ethnographical Museum in Tarnow would like to invite you to participate in the second edition of the International Contest of Romani Poetry in Memory of Papusza on the title “For the Golden Pen of Papusza”.

The Contest is dedicated to Romani poetess, Bronisława Wajs called Papusza, who died in 1987 – to commemorate her 100th birthday. The aim of the Contest is to support and exhibit the integration and mutual contacts of Romani and Polish culture and looking for the young talents in the field of poetry.

The organizer of the Contest is The District Museum in Tarnow (Poland), partners are: Centre of the Roma Culture in Tarnow (Tarnow, Poland), Romani Baxt (Warsaw-Tirana-Paris), INALCO - Institut National des Languages et Civilisations Orientales (France).

The character of the Contest is open and is addressed to adults, students and pupils of secondary schools in Poland and abroad. The topics are the inspirations in culture, tradition and history of Roma, also knows as Gypsy.

The Contest has two categories of competition: poems in Romani and poems in Polish.

The participants of the contest should submit no more than three poems in the chosen category. Deadline for sending poems is 31st of March 2010.

For downloading the participation card and familiarising yourself with the contest rules please view the Tarnów Regional Museum website A knowledge of Polish would be advantageous, from what I have seen.

Source: Natalia Gancarz
The Ethnographical Museum in Tarnow
"Studia Romologica"