Web to preserve Romani heritage

A delegation of Romani gypsy families are to attend the launch of the latest phase of a project to increase awareness of their culture.

The families will be visiting a team at the University of Manchester which is launching a website on Monday as part of research into the Romani language.

The project will codify the language to agree on how words are spelt, which should make it easier to teach.

Web visitors can find different dialects on a map and listen to them.

Romani is the second most commonly spoken minority language in the European Union.

Oral tradition

Professor Yaron Matras, who is heading the project team at the university, said: "Romani doesn't really have a literary tradition and is primarily an oral language.

"The codification of this language will be of great benefit to this community, who have suffered discrimination and misunderstanding across Europe.

"For the first time, this information will give the Roma (Gypsies) an easy way to find out about where they came from."

"The work will be of interest to linguists, historians and ethnographers."

The team has also been involved with drafting Romani language policy for the Council of Europe.

However nice the picture is being painted here it has nothing whatsoever to do with preserving the Romani Chib, the Romani language. That is a matter for the families and clans NOT the University of Manchester and Gohjo Professor Yaron Matras. All Professor Matras is interested in is gaining a "reputation" as a linguist and Gypsyologist and nothing more. Many Romani groups will think the fact that the Chib is being made available to all and sundry an abomination and it is a shame that some Romanichal families (I presume this "delegation of Romani gypsy families" referred to to be thus but then it could be those that have no link to the Romani whatsoever but are always being put forward as "Gypsies", e.g. Irish Trailer Trash, a.k.a. Irish Travellers) go along with such a farce and disgrace as the publicizing of the Romani Language in such a manner. Beware of wolves in sheep clothing is an old adage that is of great value here.
Romani People wake! You are being taken for a ride by people such as Prof. Matras and his ilk.