O NEVO DROM Blog - changes

Dear Readers,

Well, it's been a while. Some may have noticed that there has not been much updating happening with news and views as there used to be. This is due to two things. One that there has not been much interesting Gypsy news around really and two that I am moving the news and views from media sources and the like to our yahoo groups companion.
Therefore, if you wish to continue to receive and read all those news and views from the Gypsy world with comments by yours truly I urge you to subscribe to the O NEVO DROM @ yahoo groups. Please click on the box on the left hand side column and you will be taken to the correct area.
The O NEVO DROM Blog will from now on, in the same way as the ROMANI FIRST Blog, feature only articles written by us of the editorial staff. I believe this will give you all a much better service and it will allow me (and the other writers) to actually write informative articles for you all to read.

Veshengro (Editor-in-Chief)