Toddler throws knife, almost kills sister - tabloid press

PRAGUE, Jan 3 (CTK) - A two-year-old Romany baby named Dusan K. from Hradec Kralove, East Bohemia, gripped a 20-centimetre knife and threw it at his sister Helena, aged four, hitting her jugular artery, the tabloid daily Blesk writes today.

Dusanek (little Dusan) attacked his sister at Christmas in the home of his granny and other family members, Blesk writes.

Along with further relatives, there were some twenty more children in the room, where Dusanek was playing.

Dusanek's granny was cutting meat on a low table close to his reach. She was about to start cooking, when the boy grabbed the knife. In a second, he threw it at his sister who was sitting in her father's lap, Blesk writes.

"In our view, he was jealous. I was telling Helena that I love her and we were kissing. At the moment, the knife was thrown. It hit her neck and then it fell out of the wound," the children's father told the daily.

"Blood was flowing in large quantity from her neck. She immediately turned pale," her mother said.

"The granny immediately seized the tablecloth with which it blocked the wound and stopped the bleeding. The girl was taken to the hospital where doctors said that Helena was half-a-centimetre from death," the mother said.

The police are investigating the circumstances of the attack, the daily writes.


I know it was the "tabloid press", better known as "gutter press", like the "Daily Express" in the UK, but still, what does have the ethnicity of the family to do with the fact that the tiknoro threw a churi? Duh?
And the police are investigating? Why? The child, a 2-year-old, grabbed a knife and threw it. Are they trying to claim that a Gypsy child is so clever that he would have known that he could have killed his sister with the knife and that he premeditated that? Come on, people, let's get real. But it has to be investigated, I guess, because it was a Gypsy family and Gypsies are asocial. Maybe the children will have to be taken into government custody for their own safety because there are knives in the house.