Attica police free young Bulgarian abducted by Gypsies

Seven Gypsies aged between 23 and 52 years of age, were arrested by Attica police at dawn, on Sunday, Christmas Day, for abducting a 27-year-old Bulgarian with the purpose of getting ransom from their relatives for his release.

Police said that at 10 a.m. on Saturday, they abducted the 27-ear-old and transported him to the home of one of them. They struck him and forced him to communicate with his relatives from whom they demanded 30,000 euros so as to set him free.

The relatives of the young Bulgarian informed the police who following investigations, located the hideout of the abductors, arrested them and freed their captive.

The arrested were led on Chrismas Day before the public prosecutor and charged with setting up a gang, abduction and bodily harm.

As if the Romani People did not have enough problems already along come idiots who abduct Gohja people and keep them as slaves. What's the matter with those Roma?