Trespass by Travellers to become criminal offense

Mr. Michael Howard, MP, leader of the Tories, is also now talking about making trespass, if committed by Travellers, a criminal offense. One wonders as to whether that is also going to be used against Gypsies who set up encampments on land that they, the Gypsies, have bought fair and square and to which they hold the deeds. The way it looks, yes. Thereby, if Gypsies camp on land they own, land the do not own or by the side of the road they are criminals. So, yet again, being Gypsy makes you automatically once again a criminal. One can only wonder when Mr. Howard and his ilk start recommending interment camps for Gypsies or even the branding and cutting off of ears and such that were such a favorite of Queen Bess.

© Veshengro, March 2005