Join the protest of UK Association of Gypsy Women

Dear brothers and sisters around the world,

We ask you all to join together with us the UK Association of Gypsy Women to protest in the strongest possible terms the offices of Michael Howard Leader of the Conservative party and also to the Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott and Bob Last at the mission to the UN in Geneva.

I will give you the e-mail addresses which are as follows:

We in the UK need the support of all our people this is the gravest situation we have seen yet a real danger of the concentration camps for the Gypsy/Travellers in the UK if Michael Howard gets the chance to form the next Goverment he has stated if he cannot find a loophole in the Human Rights Laws to exclude the Gypsies/Travellers he will scrap them altogether he has already said the wider community will be able to pick where they want our people to be put !!!

Michael Howard is fighting his campaign on propaganda as Hitler did against the Jews.
Is this history in reverse ? ...

We ask you to join us and help us to fight this evil, take care all our people.

God Bless!