Review: Gypsies & Travellers in their own words

Gypsies & Travellers in their own words
Words and Pictures of Travelling Life
Compiled and edited by: Peter Saunders, Jim Clarke, Sally Kendall, Anna Lee, Sakie Lee, Freda Matthews
A4 Hardback with lots of color and b&w photos…
260 pages
£15 plus £5 post & packing = £20 (U.K. only)
Overseas please enquire…
Published 2000
Leeds City Council
Department of Education
Travellers Education Service
ISBN 0 950 8029 99
The book is available from:
Traveller Education Service
West Park Centre
Spen Lane
Tel.: +44.113 274 8050

‘Romanichals rokker about their kushti merripen’

“Gypsies & Travellers in their own words” is a rather unique book. It lets Gypsies & Travellers tell their own stories in their own words without any undue editing. This is something that is so very rare that alone from that aspect this book belongs into the library or onto the coffee table of anyone really and truly interested in the Romanichals of the British Isles and also and especially those of our own (I am saying this as I am Romani) to have something at hand for our chavies to see what is was like and still is like for some of our fohki.
Gypsies and Travellers from several generations describe, in their own words, their lives from early in the 20th century to this present day. Those are personal histories and viewpoints, however, taken and seen collectively they create and present a vivid picture of life within the Gypsy and Traveller communities and the radical changes experienced by them over the past century. It describes also the harassment Gypsies and Travellers receive on a daily basis from police and others in authority as well as the discriminations against them from the general public.
I can most highly recommend this limited edition book to anyone and consider the price well worth it. And the more of you buy the book the better for the fohki.