Separate School Buses for Roma Children

Councillors of the City of Rome have been calling for separate school buses for (immigrant) Roma children as, so it is claimed, Roma children used to fight with the Italian children on those buses.

How long would it be before the call would go out to have separate school buses for Italian Sinti and Roma children? And what next? Separate sidewalks for Sinti and Roma and for “normal” Italians?

Regardless of the fact that this did cause an outcry among the people and especially some more senior people in Rome's city government and one particular councillor, who was a member of the Communist Party in fact, has now resigned and left his post, Italy most certainly is and will be in the future one EU country to watch and closely monitor in regards to Anti-Gypsyism.

We all must keep a rather close eye on the EU per se for this is but the tip of the iceberg, of that I am sure, and it would definitely appear as if move are afoot in many, if not indeed most, EU member states against the Rom. (I use the term Rom here as an all inclusive term to encompass the Sinti, Roma, Kale and indeed other Romani groups).

Vigilance must me maintained and the world must be made aware of any such racist Anti-Gypsy actions and even the mere proposals wherever and whenever they may raise their ugly heads.

© Michael Smith (Veshengro), January 2008