Fortuneteller gets 1 1/2 years in jail

She bilked brokenhearted woman out of $220,000


The 26-year-old woman was so heartbroken over a breakup with her boyfriend that she trusted two Seattle fortunetellers to help her win him back.

Sophie Evon and her daughter-in-law, both self-proclaimed Gypsies, lit candles, burned leaves and convinced the woman that they could break the spell that had supposedly been cast on her ex.

They just needed to borrow her savings so that they could pray over it.

"Through the whole thing, I always had doubts," the woman told a King County judge on Friday. "I thought (Evon) cared about me. ... She was good at sensing my doubts and re-establishing my trust throughout the whole process."

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Editorial Comment:

With these kind of folks guaranteeing continuous unfavorable and even bad publicity as regards the Romani-Gypsy, and yes, the Evon and Lee families are Romani, and this is also the case here more than likely, we certainly do not need to look for enemies.

We, the Romani People and Nation, must begin to clean up our own act by policing our own. While fortune telling is fine, in my book, scamming and fraud is not.