The Road Back – Book Review

The Road Back
A Romany Story
William Lee (author)

Minerva Press 1999
115 pages, paperback, 8”x5.75”
Available only direct from the author
Price: 8 GBP

The Road Back” is the sequel to “Dark Blood” by the same author and we all know, I am sure, whether with books or with movies, that sequels all too often are nowhere as good as the first one. “The Road Back” is here one of the few exceptions, as it is indeed as good as “Dark Blood” and the story is as fast moving and gripping as the first book.

In “The Road Back” we find Cornelius Lee having escaped from prison and beginning a rather epic journey back to Kent; a journey that will, ultimately, change his life.

Cornelius is still wanting to get even, as he might see it, with Ethan as is set to fight him again for May.

As the same time as Cornelius is on the way back to Kent, Ethan and may are also on a journey, back to Tattlebury, not realizing that they soon will encounter Cornelius again.

There is one extremely hilarious, to me at least, passage in the book, and that is where May is trying to learn to drive the new lorry. I laughed tears reading this as the very description reminded me of my dear blessed Deia learning to drive a motor.

This is all I shall give as a small synopsis of the story in the book as I do not wish to spoil it for the reader.

William Lee is a storyteller par excellence and he may even surpassed himself here.

All I can say is “
Thank You, Uncle Bill, for sharing this story with us all and I hope for many more to come”.

And now folks, go and buy the two books. You will not regret it.

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Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro), January 2008