The Rroma - A Book Review

The Rroma

Lev Tcherenkov (Russia)
Stephane Laederich (Switzerland)
Published 2004
2 Volumes with together 1100 pages
Schwabe Verlag Basel
Fr. 98.- / Euro 68.50
ISBN 3-7965-2090-1

Well, yes indeed, this is yet another book on the Rroma, one that again is trying to make all Romani Rroma, and one that is as useful as all the others so far written, in that it should be consigned to the dustbin right away.

Maybe I should clarify first of all, nay indeed I must, that this review is written from the viewpoint of a Sinto/Calo and I am not going to pull any punches nor am I going to make any excuses.

This book is yet another scholarly treatise (now here is a laugh) that is, I am afraid, not worth the paper that it is printed upon (shame about the poor trees that have been felled and turned to pulp and paper to produce all the copies of this book) and for 1100 or so pages in paperback for around US$ 70+ it is not worth the asking price either. It is not something for even the ordinary academic interested in the Romani People. No doubt, however, it will be snapped up by the libraries of the universities where Romani Studies are taking hold (and also others) and no doubt will be quoted from for decades to come regardless as to how flawed the material presented in the book may be. More...