Right-wing extremists start patrolling in Orlova

ORLOVA, North Moravia, Dec 3 (CTK) - About twenty right-wing extremists from the National Resistance Silesia movement today established patrols to monitor security in the streets of Orlova- Poruba, a neighbourhood where a large number of thefts and robberies occurred recently.

The self-named guards want to monitor the observance of public peace and hand the possible culprits over to the police.

A higher number of police officers are to monitor the extremists' action aimed against Romanies, in order to prevent possible violence.

"We want to express our disagreement with the work of the city management and of the state and municipal police in the neighbourhood," the movement's representative who would not give his name, told journalists today.

He said that elderly people were attacked in Orlova-Poruba streets and metal objects were regularly stolen.

"Permanent pressure has been exerted on younger fellow citizens by Romany inhabitants," the representative said.

He said the patrols will remain in the streets throughout December at least.

Orlova Mayor Vladimir Farana said he disagrees with the extremists' plan.

No attack occurred here since the perpetrators were placed in custody three weeks ago, he said, citing police statistics.

Jirina Kubatova, a Romany adviser at the Orlova Town Hall, called the planned action unnecessary.

"It only foments unpleasant reactions. We are often in contact with Romanies. The local Romanies are not the perpetrators," Kubatova told CTK.

Romanies would not comment on the situation.

And what are the EU ministers doing in this matter? Kek, obviously, as per usual, while they will quite happily and swiftly intervene when it has to do with Muslims in Kosovo and the like. But, as I keep saying, we are but "Dirty Gyppos" and are just seen as a "menace" by all of them.