New four-year plan for Romany integration approved

PRAGUE- The government approved a plan for Romany integration for the next four years, cabinet spokeswoman Lucie Orgonikova said.

The plan is to improve the position of the Romany minority and wants to prevent its seclusion in ghettoes.

It focuses on a system of social housing, more investments in the programmes and the measures to help employment within the Romany communities, Orgonikova said.

The plan also wants to increase the participation of Romany children in pre-school educational facilities from three years of age. The plans wants to help local authorities socially integrate Romanies, she added.

The Czech Republic has not much advanced in the effort to integrate the Romany minority in society. Romanies chiefly suffer from lack of higher education, high unemployment, living on welfare payments and within poverty ghettoes.

I must have a problem with my eyes when I am reading this because I do not read "integration" as it is written but "forced assimilation". I guess I really must go to the optician and get new specs.