Simon Wiesenthal died

In Obituary

With regret, the news was given, today, that Simon Wiesenthal, passed away, peacefully in his sleep, in Austria where he had been living.

Simon will certainly be remembered with much affection and respect by those few remaining Sinti and Roma that had survived the horrors of the Nazi regime.

Despite his devotion to exposing the horrific treatment of his fellow Jews, at the hands of the Nazis, Simon will be remembered for the prominent part that he played in attempting to bring to light the suffering experienced, along with his fellow Jews, by the very many thousands of Sinti and Roma.

In a world that appears unwilling to accept that "the Gypsy" were made to suffer wholesale extermination on racial grounds, Simon Wiesenthal will be long remembered for his efforts to expose the true situation of our Romani People at the hands of the Nazis and their sympathizers, throughout Europe.

May Simon's light remain undiminished, shining bright in a world made dark by hatred!

Amare Devel amensa

Tom O
International Romani Guild