Italy: Roma Market in the Italian Capital

21. 9. 2005

If you are a tourist in Rome and you want to spend an alternative Sunday morning, the cooperative Pharalipe' (Fraternity) organizes a weekly flea-market of Romany crafts' objects and products.

Copper pots, hand-made wooden spoons and flowered shawls are some of the products that you will find in the Romany market. The Phralipe' s initiative also proposes a market of second-hand clothes and an antique exposition. Moreover, for all that are interested to delve into these topics, an exposition of Romany and travelers' culture and history is available.

The Phralipe' cooperative was founded in 1989. Its first aim is to involve the ca. 7000 Roma of the Italian capital in the labor market avoiding the individual base in the respect their family-based organization.

For all the people that are interested, the Romany market takes place every Sunday from 8:00 in La Rustica area, Mirtillo Street, in the east part of Rome.
(Dzeno Association)