Inquiry rules Gypsies must move

An inquiry into a Gypsy site in North Curry has ruled that the group must move within the next 12 months.

Several residents in the Somerset village have been fighting to have the 16 families evicted since they arrived last autumn.

The group, who had bought the field in Oxen Lane at auction, have put up fences and built roads.

Taunton Deane Borough Council had refused them permission to stay and a planning inspector upheld the decision.

The ruling was backed by the deputy prime minister, John Prescott.

The report stated the application was rejected because of "compelling objections .. on highway, landscape and residential amenity grounds".

It said the use of the land was a "material change" and that retrospective planning permission would not be granted.

John Williams, leader of Taunton Deane Borough Council, said he was pleased with the decision.

Councillor Williams said "common sense" had prevailed and "the serious injustice that had been inflicted on the community of North Curry has not been upheld".

Story from BBC NEWS: Link

Published: 2005/09/26 17:45:50 GMT


Are those Gypsies Gypsies that is what I want to know first or are they, like in the Dale Farm issue, nothing but Irish Trailer Trash who have no right to even claim the title Gypsy and in Eire they will vehemently rant against anyone addressing them as Gypsies and they will insist to be called Travelers. However, as soon as they are in the UK they will make the Gypsy racial claim. Well, being in trailers don't make one Gypsy.