Gypsy caravan sites - fresh rows loom

Gypsies are once again on a collision course with Chichester district planners, after two separate applications for individual caravan sites were refused.

Both sites, in Clayton Lane, Bracklesham Bay, have been in existence for years, and have been the subject of previous refusals and unsuccessful appeals.

The southern area development control committee was warned of growing pressure because of a shortage of gypsy sites in the area, and planning officers recommended approval of both applications. More...

I do find it rather funny that the "not convenient for local facilities" issue is still being used to this very day. It always was when Gypsies were being asked - yes, it happened once - where they would like to have sites located. When they chose places well away from the villages the same was always used to not putting the sites there but rather locating them next to refuse tips, sewerage plants, and other such unsuitable locations. Apparently, because they were closer to facilities (well, I have seen some that were not very close to facilities when placed in such locations) so it was claimed.