Gypsies use McAlpine logo

Alfred McAlpine has been alerted to gypsies using its logo on fleet vans as part of a resurfacing service they are offering to residents in the Hull area.

The contractor was made aware of the practice by the local police and was told that its logo had been spotted on vans used by the Romany workers.

McAlpine is now working with the police to track down the perpetrators. A company spokesman told CJ: "We have been made aware that gangs are using our logo on their vans. None of the vans described belong to our registered fleet.

"We are taking this very seriously and will be launching a full investigation."

20 Jul 2005 10:14

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I have to say that I have come across this scam of using the McAlpine Logo and even forged McAlpine documentation before but it has never been carried out by Romanichals (Romany) in the UK but by Irish Travellers. Either the people reporting it do not know the difference and most do not, as they see the Irish Travellers, thanks to the government, the media and many Gypsy support organizations, as Gypsy and therefore as Romany, or this are Irish Travellers pretending to be Romani. This, at least, is the way that I see this unless someone can prove me different. Ed.