14 carat gold vest for Romanian bandoleer

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

ANKARA - Turkish Daily News

Goldsmith Erdogan Selamet of Gebze crafted a 14 carat gold vest for a customer in Romania.

Selamet says his Romanian customer, who was referred to him through relatives in Romania, is a "bandoleer" -- a leader of a single Romany clan. Selamet created the four-kilogram vest in 58 days at a cost of $85,000. I went to Romania and met the wealthy bandoleer. I learned about the vest he wanted and did it in 58 days. They loved it in Romania. The bandoleer told me he'll wear it on special days and weddings, said the gregarious goldsmith.

He worked for a long time as a goldsmith in the Covered Bazaar of Istanbul and says he could even make a golden dress if asked, I knit it with my own special golden yarn. Some customers have ordered golden belts. I'm going to Romania to take some more work orders from there.

Please look for a more in depth study of this phenomena of the "leaders" living in the lap of luxury while their People starve in the ROMANI FIRST Blog and also, in due course in the newsletters.