IRU Parliament meeting in Belgrade

Belgrade, 17. 6. 2005, 10:30 (ROMEA/Roma Network)

There will be IRU Parliament meeting in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia and Montenegro on 1-2 July 2005. The IRU Parliament meeting will be attended by the IRU Parliament members and by the President of the International Romani Union Stachiro Stankievicz, by the Vice Presidents: Nadja Demeter, Florin Cioaba, Normund Rudevic and Zlatko Mladenov; by the High Commissioner Orhan Galjus; by IRU General Secretary Zoran Dimov; by the Commissioner of foreign policy Heredia Ramirez and by the Commissioner for Holocaust Affairs Roman Chojnacki.
The following topics will be featured on a meeting: domestic and international policy of the IRU, reports on a present situation of Roma in the courtiers of the Parliament members, especially in Serbia; Roma Inclusion Decade; Cooperation with World Bank, Open Society Institute, United Nations, etc.; coordination of media and information.

ROMEA, Roma Network

Oh, how very lovely - yet another IRU gabfest, another gathering of Romani intellectuals that have, in the main, lost the plot and the contact with the grassroots.
I cannot, for the life of me, see why, in the age of easy international communications money has to be spent on such gabfests that do not achieve anything whatsoever with the exception of wasting time and resources. The same could be achieved using computer-based communications such as messenger conferencing - with video even. Maybe by actually doing the work in such online conferences instead of sitting about looking pretty and loving ones own voice and feeling important on a platform some things might actually get done and many more people who have to go begging for money in order to attend these meetings could actually participate. Then again, that would threaten the status quo.