Gypsies still accused of stealing children, especially in Italy


(AGI) - Trieste, Italy. June 4 - The numerous reports of sightings of Denise Pipitone that have been reported to the Carabinieri of Trieste, all appear to be false. The police forces have denied that attempts to locate the missing child are limited to just the city of Trieste. Denise Pipitone disappeared last September in Mazara del Vallo. The confirmation of this arrives from Colonel, Ivano Fraticelli, commander of the Trieste Carabinieri task force and from head of the city's flying squad, Mario Bo. "For some months" said Fraticelli, "our patrols, together with those all over Italy, have been going around with the photograph of the missing girl and the half dozen or so reports of sightings we have received recently have all been found to be false and unreliable." Of the same opinion is Bo, who adds, "These fake sightings are regrettable especially in light of the difficult situation Denise's family are living." In the face of this, yesterday the lawyer of the Pipitone family, Giacomo Frazzitta, expressed his feelings on the possibility of the child still being in Trieste, hypothesising that the child was taken by a gypsy family that had crossed the border from Slovenia. The Carabinieri refute the lawyer's claims, "All the indications we have, especially those of the last ten days, have been immediately investigated and have led to no success." One of the sightings that said that Denise was see in a Romany camp in Caros Triestino, near Aurisina, but even in this case it was not her, the child reported by the citizen was some 8 years older than Denise. (AGI)

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