Nazi terrorists murder Romani-Gypsy woman in Czech Republic

Is it all starting again?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Prague, Czech Republic January 2012 : A Romani-Gypsy woman was killed by two racist terrorists in the capital of Czech Republic, Prague on January 10, 2012.

According to statements by people in the know those people belong to a racist Nazi terror organization and they have attacked homeless people and those of the Gypsy community before.

While this is, as said, not the first racist Nazi attacks on the Romani community in the former Czechoslovakia, and this recent attack is causing heightened tension in the two countries that once made up the CSSR.

Authorities seems to wish to play down the recent attacks against Romanies in the former CSSR, in both the Czech lands as well as in Slovakia.

As a Gypsy myself, who has relations that never came back from the Nazi camps and others who were broken in body and spirit there and through Nazi terror in general, I am very much concerned as to the happening all over the European Union, from France, over the Czech Republic and Slovakia and Hungary and even Germany.

Hungary's police has now been instructed by the ministries to keep conduct permanent surveillance on all members of the Romani minority in that country and it would appear that Nazi groups such as Yovik and others are given a free hand to harass Hungarian Gypsies wherever they are.

Are we seeing a return to the days of the 1930s and 1940s? It would appear to be so and, and I hate to say I told you so, I have been seeing the writing on the wall for some time to come as far as the European Union is concerned.

What we have to be concerned about, as a People, and here I am talking about the Romani People, and also those that do not wish to see a repeat of what has happened in the Nazi era and already before in places such as Germany and Poland.

If one would be a conspiracy theorist one could come to believe that the EU is operating a policy of ethnic cleansing by proxy. Is it?

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