Czech Republic: Media say another inter-ethnic incident occurred in Varnsdorf on New Year's Eve

This is not helpful at all

TV Nova reports that police in the Czech Republic are searching for a group of young Romani people who allegedly assaulted three non-Romani people in the town of Varnsdorf on New Year's Eve, shouting racist slurs at them during the attack. Police are saying the attack was not racially motivated. Two of the victims were hospitalized.

A series of anti-Roma demonstrations took place in Varnsdorf several months ago as a result of similar media reports interpreting incidents of assault in the area as ethnically motivated. According to the latest information, a brawl in the nearby town of Rumburk last summer now seems to have been motivated by other concerns. 

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If our People continue behaving in that way - and yes, I do know there is racism leveled against ours all the time - it is not helping the cause at all and that is what counts.