Has the EU finally has decided to take France to task?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Epsom, UK, 09/29/2010: In follow on to my previous article where Reuters had reported that the EU is dropping any action against France over the expulsions and forced deportations of Roma-Gypsies, it would appear that it is on again.

When the powers that be can work out whether they are in the potato field or out of it it would be nice if they could let us all know.

So, apparently, the European Commission, which to all intents and purposes is the real power behind the European Union, has now decided to start proceedings against France over the issue of deportations of Roma-Gypsies from its territory.

I must say that I am not going to hold my breath as blue does not suit me as a color in the face and I also don't have any intention of dying that way.

That is to say that I do not hold out any hopes that anything will come of all the talk and rhetoric and all the posturing.

France will, I am sure, just like Italy did last year, put two fingers up at the European Union legal bodies and decide to carry on with “business as usual”, especially as it would appear that there are a number of EU countries that, even if not all that publicly, actually have congratulated France on its actions.

There is one thing what they say in public, in the view of the world, and another what they say and do in private. While many of us have a beef with Israel, the Zionist entity in Palestine, at least the Zionists don't seem to say one thing to the world and do another. They just stick the two fingers up at world opinion, period.

I am waiting EU, but not holding my breath. Surprise me and my People.

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