EU backs down on action against France over deportation of Roma

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Brussels, EU, 09/29/2010: An astonishing U-turn in the conflict in the European Union about France's mass deportation of Roma-Gypsies with EU citizenship (and even French citizenship?) has occurred.

The European Union is now, despite all the talk and rhetoric, after all not going to start legal proceedings against France, according to the Reuters news agency, who gives an EU-diplomat who is dealing with this case as source.

The European Commission will, instead, ask the French government in writing for further information on the issue, said the EU insider.

This decision comes as rather a surprise to many – though not me: Only a few days ago everything pointed to the European Commission taking action and bringing – or at least trying to – France before the European court.

I must say that, having been in Gypsy politics long enough and never trusted the European Union, it does come as no surprise to me. I would have been surprised had the EU via the Commission done something that really would give France a rap over the knuckles at least.

All the talk about freedom of movement of EU citizens does not, it would appear, apply to the Romani, the Gypsy, regardless as to whether he is a citizen of France, Italy or Romania.

France, so I understand, has even reinstated the travel pass for the Gypsies in France, the “Carnet de Circulation” (sp?), which supposedly had been abolished in the 1980s.

So much for the “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite” of the French Republic. It applies to all as long as you are not Gypsy or immigrant, it would seem.

In Germany things are not much better either; I am well aware of that, and in many of the new EU member states, such as Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, the former Czechoslovakia, and Poland. Even in the supposed bastions of freedom such as Denmark and Sweden things do not look rosy for the Gypsy.

Europe of the early 21st century very much looks like Europe 70 years ago, at least as far as the Gypsy is concerned, and a real sense of deja vu comes over me when I see what is happening all over the European Union on the mainland.

It would appear that the only one who can help the Gypsy is the Gypsy.

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