A Tale of Kings, Emperors, Judges and Pastors

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Kings of all Gypsies, such as Cioba, Kwiek, et al - Emperor of all Gypsies, such as Cioba's relation, and others - Judges who oppress the People rather than know anything about the Romani Laws and last, but not least, Pastors (shepherds – I think not) of the Pentecostalist and other “Christian” Missions - All do their part in damaging the Romani People.

We do not have Kings and such lord it over us, used to be the great scream amongst the People to those that would claim that this or that person was a Gypsy King or a Gypsy Queen with power over the People and, truthfully, we, at least the Sinti and Cale, have NEVER ever have had Kings, Emperors and such like. We have had Judges, the Rakepaskros, the Rechtsprecher, and Shero Roms, but none of those of today even deserve the name and title of either of those, with the exception, maybe, of one or the other Sherengro, or Shero Rom. They make judgments based on anything but the Romani Laws, for most would not know the Romani Laws even if they bit them; they turn women into slaves, which our women never were (in fact the women ruled rather more than did the men), and keep the People in total ignorance.

Rom Society once was, in the background, matriarchal and while the men led as Shero Roms or Judges, the old mother, the Puri Deia held the true reigns and it was her word that was law in the end and not that of Judges and Shero Roms. Women (and children) in many groups were the main breadwinners, as it was the women and the children who went into the streets, door-to-door, or onto the markets to hawk the goods produced, whether wooden pegs of all kinds, wooden flowers, lace, knives, and others.

The only men who worked the “calling circuits” were the knife grinders and the rag and bone men, and the tinkers.

Not only the men did made the wooden crafts, such as clothespins, tent pegs, wooded flowers, etc.; the majority of our womenfolk and children did too.

In the 20th century, however, and here especially after WWII, it would seem, this was turned upside down in mainland Europe, and here especially amongst the Sinti groups in Germany, Austria, France, and the Cale in Spain. The Roma, it has to be noted, always seem to have had this male dominated attitude.

The Catalan Gypsies, probably due to the influences of the Mediterranean “culture” also have this attitude of suppressing and oppressing their women. I actually assume that this may also be the reason for that attitude also amongst the Cale of Spain, e.g. the culture of male domination of Catholicism and the Mediterranean per se.

With friends like these, who needs enemies.

Kings, Emperors & Tsars

Roma Leader predicts crime wave to swamp EU

In a statement of August 7, 2006 the head of Bulgaria's Roma community Tsar Kiro has warned a crime wave will sweep Great Britain and the rest of EU member states, when the country joins the union.

The Rom certainly need no enemies when they have “leaders” such as this and while “Tsar” Kiro may be right as to a great number of his “folks” being involved in crime – and what precisely is he doing about it – this immediately says, once again, to the outside world that Roma = Gypsy = criminal.

What we were seeing here, however, was a rather blatant attempt in blackmail. Namely saying to the EU, though not in exactly those selfsame words, “give me money and I will ensure that my people will not flood your countries”.

The truth is that while some Bulgarian, Romanian and other East European Roma have ended up on the British streets and, I should assume, the streets of other EU member states, it was hardly a flood as predicted by the likes of Tsar Kiro or the British gutter press.

In addition to this we have things like this below, again in a short extract from a media report:

Romanian Gypsy royalty embroiled in leadership struggle

It is in Romania that you will meet the Gypsy elite, like Florin Cioaba. He is a politician, a businessman, a preacher - and wait there's more - because he is also His Royal Highness, the King of the Roma.

But the King of the Roma is not the only monarch in the neighbourhood.

Just around the corner, barely half a kilometre down the road, there is another ruler to meet, a man who claims to be the real leader of the Gypsies.

He is the self-declared Emperor of all Roma Everywhere - Iulian Radulescu.

Oh dear! Now the Romanian Roma have two buli bashas pretending to be their “leader” and being their slave masters, for that, for sure, is what those are, slave masters, keeping the grassroots of the Rom in bondage. “King” Cioba on one side and “Emperor” Radulescu on the other, the latter claiming to be the “emperor of all Roma everywhere”. Both the “king” and the “emperor” are only after filling their pockets on the back of the poor Roma who they think are their subjects, their serfs, by exploiting them through loan sharkery and by applying for EU (and other funding) for mostly non-existent Roma projects. We all know how good “king” Ion was in all this and I doubt that “king” Florin is any worse in soliciting funds this way. Nice to live in a palace while one's “subjects” have to make do with cardboard shacks on refuse tips.

The Romanian Roma have but exchanged slavery to Church and feudal lords to slavery to the buli bashas, the likes of the Ciobas. The communist governments in both Romania and Bulgaria used and aided and abetted the buli basha system as a means of controlling the Roma and was but a follow on to the Roma being serfs after slavery and the Roma, so used to being oppressed and told what to do just exchanged this for the modern slavery to the buli bashas, the kings and emperors of all Gypsies. The Black slaves in America also needed someone like ML King to come along before they came out of their “Uncle Tom” attitude and do something in order to liberate themselves.

While some of us keep preaching, though not being in Church, this writer definitely not, of a dream for the Romani, much like ML King had for the Blacks in America, the People, unlike the American Blacks, seem to, in the majority, rather content to moan and groan but still allow those leaches to suck their blood. And those leaches are not Gadje, are not the “Whites”; no, those leaches are Rom themselves.

Time to rise up and throw off the fetters that bind us, Brothers and Sisters and leave those royals (lol) to fend for themselves. What have you got to lose but your chains of slavery. Yes, Roma of the East and Sinti in Germany, you still are slaves to your various kings, emperors and judges.


Worst of all, and I will touch on this here but briefly, is the slavery that so many of ours have put themselves into more or less voluntarily, namely that of the “evangelical” churches and the Pentecostal missions. This is all but a delusion. But willingly they allow the pastors and elders, the latter who are often younger than many of them members of the congregation, to lord it over them and tel them who they can associate with and who not. And this from a people who always claim to have Freedom as their Religion.

I rest my case...

© M Smith (Veshengro), April 2008