The Kosovo Disaster

While the Western World was being conned by the Kosovo Albanians into believing that there was an ethnic cleansing being perpetrated by Serbs against Albanian Muslims the true Ethnic Cleansing and the only one that was going on, was not seen, namely the one committed by the Kosovo Albanians, via the KLA and others, was against the Gypsy population (and also against Serbs). All the Serbs ever did was to defend themselves and their people against attacks by the Kosovo Albanians.

The Gypsies that were driven out from their neighborhoods, from their Mahalas, by the actions of the Kosovo Albanians fled into Serbia, in the main, where they ended up forced to live, forced by the UN bodies, in makeshift camps which are, mostly, on grounds that are contaminated with various dangerous chemicals and substances at levels often 10x sometimes 100's of times above the safe levels.

A commander of KFOR troops expressed it very adequately when he said: “We have come out in the defense of the wrong people!”

Ethnic cleansing was, in the case of Kosovo at least, not committed by Serbs against others, such as the Kosovo Albanian, the Muslim, population but in fact by the boot was on the other foot. Those that were the perpetrators of ethnic cleansing at a tremendous scale were those that claimed to be the victims. It was, and still is, the Muslim Albanians of Kosovo who are doing all the ethnic cleansing and even Gypsies that dare to return to their Mahalas and wish to reclaim their homes are threatened, driven away again or, in many cases, so we have heard, even murdered. By who you ask: by the very same people that claim that they are being ethnically cleansed.

The Albanians in Kosovo only have one aim; they want a Kosovo free of Serbs and Gypsies and then join Kosovo to Albania to fulfill the long-held dream of a “Greater Albania”... and the Gods help us!

Who will then be the next on the list of the Albanians to be added to this “Greater Albania” that is envisaged? Think of another Balkan country with a large Muslim and Albanian population: yes, Macedonia; at least the part of it – for starters – which is closest to Kosovo, with centers such as Kumanovo.

Kumanovo is another city that has, like Prizren and Pristina, has a large population of Gypsies within its walls. The Gypsy community of Kumanovo, while not as large as that of Skopie, e.g. Shutka, it probably the largest in that area. While the great majority of Gypsies in Macedonia are, nominally at least, of the Muslim faith ethnically they are not Albanians and I, for one, can see the same happening in the Kumanovo area as has happened in Pristina and Prizren and other places in Kosovo with Gypsy neighborhoods. And no doubt I have either that it will be again the Albanians that will claim that it is they that are the victims. No one will notice the Gypsy victims who are only always seen as economic migrants, even when they come from such trouble spots and claim persecution, and not as “proper” refugees.

Every time, regardless of whatever trouble, Gypsy refugees are not granted proper refugee status under the Geneva Convention and others and are, again and again, claimed to be nothing more than economic migrants who will be shipped back to the countries whence they came regardless of threat to limb and life. But then, it is the most convenient way for Western governments as they then do not have to explain to their racist population, racist always when it comes to Gypsies, that those people are coming in to stay.

We all are always seen and portrayed as nothing but liars – economic migrants – they only want a better life – cheats and criminals and as “dirty Gyppos”. Never as real refugees in need of help.

Kosovo is not going to get better. It is going to get worse down there, folks. Mark my words.

© Michael Smith (Veshengro), April 2008