Tom Odley – 1929 – 2007 – Obituary by Romano Yekhipe France

Our Tom is gone and we, from Romano Yekhipe France are very sad. We wish to be joined in the international tribute paid to him. He always offered us a brotherly support in our fights. With Vania de Gila-Kochanowski, we often talked to visit him in his Chattam's home. Unfortunately, we couldn't carried it out for various reasons. But with Tom's consent, we translated in french language some of his brilliant poems that we presented next to Leksa Manush's ones. We knew that some in his country had disapproved the ways he had sometimes followed, but above all, we in France we will always remember him as a Rom speaking plainly and a great defender of the Romanipe. So we are proud to met him "by the way" and will never forget him.

Jean-Claude Mégret (Balval)

for Romano Yekhipe France Board